Monday, January 19, 2015

Ryobi cordless Airstrike brad nailer Review

Last July shortly after attending the Power into spring blogger event for Ryobi I was sent a Ryobi airstrike brad nailer... lets just say I was really excited I had heard so many good things about this tool and I was so excited to give it a try.

I wanted to really try it out before I shared a true review...and let me just say after using it for the last 5 months it is a winner...not even once I have I plugged in my compressor in the last 5 plus months.

I really put this tool through its took a while since in late June I sprained my ankles badly so I was forced to take a long DIY break...but in late September I tackled a major makeover of a built-in for a friend of can see that project here

As you can see it was an extensive makeover project..the only nail gun I used was the airstrike cordless brad nailer for this project.

After this project I started my dining room and my very labour intensive chevron for whatever reason I am not good at working a flooring nailer, I just can't get a hang of the majority of our pine floors I have installed were done so with a brad nailer...this Ryobi cordless nailer made this job wonderfully cords to deal with and no loud refills of the compressor to tollerate...I am won over...but it wasn't hard it was a pleasure to use.
You can only imagine how many nails I used to lay this floor...I have no idea but it was a lot.
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For the rest of the built-ins in the dining room the Ryobi cordless nailer is all that I opinion on this product is that I love it, wouldn't want to live without it...if I was asked I would recommend you would be happy if you added to your collection of is the perfect DIYers nail gun.
Ok I have been reminded there may be some issues with this nail gun that you might want to hear about, someone asked " is it heavy ?"...compared to a regular brad nailer it is heavier but I adapted very quickly to it's weight, there is a bit of a delay when you push the trigger but that's not a bad thing for me personally it wasn't a problem I was more diliberate when nailing and I didn't have as many miss aims as I normally would, and I was able to get into tight spots like on narrow wood up against my wall, no problem there, overall I think it is a good nail gun and if I hadn't been given the one I have I wouldn't hesitate to buy one for myself...there were many early years of DIY where I struggled with hammer and nails & if this had been available it would have saved me a lot of frustration.
Oh and what model do I have...this one 

So big thank you to Ryobi for giving me this Airstrike to try out I give it a 10/10 it is my new favourite tool.
Of course you can find all Ryobi tools at Home Depot.

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Rebeca Paducon said...

I'm going with the Ridgid 18v 16 woodworking brad nailer
gauge for shelves or would an 18 gauge be better?