Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A touch of paint

 As I've said before it has taken me a long time to decide on a wall colour for our master bedroom...I settled on BM Edgecomb gray but then we went on a vacation and then I sprained my ankles so painting the bedroom was once again put on the back burner...but it needed to get done & I am so happy to share I finally did it. I know this room needs some more love like wood floors and possibly built-ins and wainscoting or trim of some kind and crown moulding but I need to get my dining room completed next as it is an awful sight you can't ignore upon walking into our house...

 Completing the painting makes me feel much more relaxed, maybe it's the colour? I love it , it is just a nice soft day I will find the perfect bedding...if I didn't have two black dogs I may have gone for a beautiful white duvet cover but with two black dogs that love to hang out in bed sometimes white is out of the question.

I really slowed down my pace after the first year of full reno's after moving here, it must be burnt out...but I think it's to be expected...I'm just slower now at my DIY I'm OK with that.

I just realized I never did share how Mason's room turned out ...well here it is...pretty, pink & organized. The hanging display worked out so well, it's like her very own shop, I'm envious just a little bit.
Mason had originally wanted  this wall to be a custom closet or for us to somehow carve out and build a big walk in closet but this seemed to be the best solution. It's all the added clothing storage she needed and it is still airy and pretty at least we thinks so , and it can be taken down in a heart beat if things change.

I found a large pretty mirror at JYSK and hung it from the ceiling and it just works...I am glad she liked my old striped dresser for her side table, it's perfect for extra storage.We found her bedding at Ikea and the lamps are a thrift store find I moved them from the family room.

So there it is a little bedroom after I enjoy some more summer weather and clean up my garage and work shop I will get my butt back in gear and start my next big project, my dining room.

You know what though...decisions are the hard part for me...there are so many great options.
 Here are a few from my Pinterest ceilings board

 I am really wanting to create the look of large support beams in the dining room to cover up a bulk head , I think it will look just as great as it looks here...I want some character and some wood ...I think, I think too much.
I am in love with this dining room, in fact this is why I painted my dining room the colour I did.
I'm thinking I will add two additional wood beams ..I'm not sure sure about the v-groove.

Here is what I am working with, a nice almost square room with four tall windows, those blinds are going to go, the dresser may be going to the living room for my tv console, I would like to create a built-in in this room one that possibly has a wine fridge, more pine floors, I would love a bigger round table with 6 chairs probably an oval would work better. I'm looking forward to a nice completed character filled room for nice dinners with family and friends.

That's what I am working towards...the clock is ticking.

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