Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mill work details

 Now that I have recovered from our recent vacation I need to re-focus my attention back towards home projects. I will admit I suffered a little (actually a lot ) burn out after the major kitchen renovations I did , how could I not be burnt out , it was all I did for three months. But I am ready to make some improvements again.
My focus this week is the main hall transitions, I had always thought they would be a great place to add some mill work. The trouble with mill work is just deciding which way to go , there are too many options. I want to do it right and do what is right for the house, so I have struggled with decision making the most.
I had thought to dress both transitions but the kitchen transition is too big and difficult to figure out, so I will just do the one , looks like it will be just enough.
 I decided yesterday to dive right in and tackle this little opportunity for some special trim. I'm about half way through , hopefully I will be able to start the priming later today.
 Just need to add the crown moulding to the top of the header after I sand everything out with the orbital sander , its gonna be messy.

 I decided to most closely copy the trimmed pillars as seen here in this H&H, magazine image. This home is such an inspiration for my home , I love this show home from 2010. http://houseandhome.com/design/guide/2010-princess-margaret-showhome
 It was difficult however to decide what kind of transition to create. Love this look also.

 And this one , clean and shaker, gorgeous.http://www.tiekbuilthomes.com/daybreak-befores-and-afters/
 After I complete this small project , I will move onto our bathroom , where I will  frame out the builder mirror. In the meantime I will try to nail down a plan for the family room to move forward. I have decided to focus my mill work efforts towards the ceiling and not the walls. I am really loving the white walls and trim.
I am going between beams with v-groove, or a simple design of coffer. Neither will be simple to accomplish but won't it be beautiful?
image found on pinterest

 http://www.stayathomeista.com/   I am loving this dining room and the beams , what a wall colour, I am in love with rich deep tones for the dining room, I think I am gonna give it a try for ours.
For the dining room I am also thinking coffered ceiling and wainscoting, but what kind of wainscoting. This is a contender above.
 Maybe this for one wall in the family room ?
 Gorgeous deep dark walls.
Here is the second option for our family room....beautiful...
Maybe I keep simple coffer like this for the dining room and beams and v-groove for the family room. Help , it's just so hard to decide. 


Andrea said...

your last comment would be my vote (although I can see why it's so hard to decide!) I love a coffered ceiling (we have one in our dining room) and love a plank ceiling (we have pink planked ceilings with a white wash in our sunroom and basement, and I adore it!)

graham said...

Hi Chris! I'm a fellow Canuck living in McKinney, TX and read your blog religiously. Love everything you do...when you get around to the coffered ceiling, will you do a "how to" post? Thanks and LOVE the new house! Jackie

How2home said...

Love the light fixture in your hallway, where is it from?

custom-stickers said...

Amazing look, the white thumb is looking awesome. I love your style of arranging things.

Jake said...

Burn out? You? No way. ;)

Glad you had a great vacation and the place was beautiful. The fishy foot thing...I'd had to think really hard about. I would have paniced when they nibbled my feet. haha. Jaws would have flashed in my mind.

The mill work is going to look wonderful.

Tery H said...

Love all your inspirational photos. I can't wait to see what you do because you have great taste and a beautiful home.

Are you using MDF for your millwork?

I will continue to read your blog-great inspiration!



So glad you had such a great holiday but can't help but admit I love seeing what you are doing next with your projects.

As to millwork, I've tried to find a picture of the set online for one of the rooms in the new show 666 Park Avenue. I think it's the main characters office (bald guy) It's mitred squares (flat shaker style not rectangles) butted up together covering the entire wall.

Ack! I'm probably not describing it well but it looks fabulous! If I find a pic I'll send it along.

marlenefit said...

Hi Chris, I too can't wait to see your finished entry. I really like the shaker style. I also like the ceiling you got from Pinterest with the wood planks and beams. My dining room ceiling is similar. Seeing your last house inspired me to do it.

Chelsea Richards said...

I don’t have to say much words to define how beautiful it was and for some reason I do believe that on top of how great it was the angle of the shots and lightning contributes some factors… :D XOXO Thanks for sharing! Two thumbs up! Glad to hear from you soon.

Olivia Heartelly said...

Hmmm! Interesting! Do you consider a roman type of shading in your window could give more attitude on the ambiance on your home?! And the idea of the pillars what made you think it would give an outstanding (because it is really outstanding just the way I like it) appearance for a home?! You thoughts?!