Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lighting score

 I found a great deal on a beautiful light fixture for the new house , I couldn't believe the quality and the price couldn't be beat $169.00, it will be for our new dining room , at $1129.00 LESS than the restoration hardware version , I knew it was going to be the perfect choice , the one and only purchase for the new house, I sort of promise.

 Here is the $1995.00 RH version
I had happened upon this beautiful orb fixture for $149.00 I really loved it but my husband wasn't so sure about it so I left it behind , when I went back the next day to see if it was still there of course it was long gone , as were the other smaller versions , I should have picked it up I could have returned it right, they had all the Restoration hardware fixtures at our local Homesense, but I missed them .


Vintage Home said...

Love your light!...Commented on yesterdays by mistake...screaming deal...makes me so happy for you..Great look!

Teresa said...

Love the light& I have been eyeing a few of restoration hardware's fixtures for my dining area (the only place in my house I can add a really stand out hanging pendant or chandelier). What a great selection! Although I have also been eyeing the orb style as well:).

Mimi said...

Gorgeous lights! Mimi xx

laxsupermom said...

Wow! Terrific find! I can't believe the pricing on it! Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Mango said...

Awesome! So these were at Homesense?

Living Lakeside said...

Great minds think alike, we bought the same one! Check out my dining room update :) Normally I don't get to check out homesense until the weekend so it was just luck that I stopped in during the week. I knew they would be snatched up by the weekend! Loved the orb one as well!


Jbear said...

OMG I have been lusting after the RH chandelier for my foyer. But it is just too much $$$. Great score! I love the orb one too.

Brandi M said...

I have this same chandelier in my dining room! I was so excited, too! Infact - a woman was following me around the store I think waiting for me to leave it!


The only thing we changed was we raised the wooden ball from the long chain to make it flush.


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