Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pick Me Up

I have always loved flowers , I remember back when Todd and I were living together in a small basement apt in Oakville , where I dreamt of fresh flowers everyweek but could surely not afford such a luxury on such a slim income of a student and me a nanny, and I find myself now being able to afford such a luxury but I rarely ever buy flowers , that makes flowers last on the list , and always skipped.

But I do love the look, so much so that I was my own florist for my wedding bouquets in 1997 , and my in-laws wedding in 2001 .

So when I suggested myself for my sister in law Nat's wedding I thought nothing of it, I am glad to have done it but did not have a clue for what I was in for , 20 tables , the attendants flowers and the bridal bouquet , all done two hours away from my home, so sourcing the flowers was trickier than I had anticipated as the flower market mislead me as to what type of place they were, over priced , over done pre arranged items does not a flower market make, but several hours of driving the niagara region the day before lead me to my favorite source, The Superstore,they are the best deal on roses , and helped me enormously, not to mention the brides pocket book .

Still Todd and I spent that evening stripping the stems of thorns in preparation for the arranging , which dragged on to 2:00am , it was quite an undertaking but I learned why florists charge so much it really needs an army to pull off a wedding, we had hundreds and hundreds of roses.

The first photo was the trial centerpiece, the vases were double vesel and the outside was filled with coffee beans , stunning, and the location overlooking the falls was breath taking, really beautiful day , and time.


Linda MacDonald CSP(tm) said...

Perhaps you should consider being a wedding planner- your floral arrangements were fantastic!! You are certainly multi-talented. Keep posting! I keep hounding Wendy to post more about her house, too. I check yours and hers daily.

chriskauf said...

I do love weddings , and could do that for a job as well, but the stress of that is enormous , talk about a pressure job, and I think brides are becoming more competetive and want more and more grand weddings, I do love all things beautiful and love to dabble in just about anything.
Would it suprise you I have done two wedding cakes, one was a four tier huge cake for my husbands friend, which turned me off of cakes for sale, it was stressfull , things don't turn out , things go wrong with cakes.
If you haven't noticed I have no attention span. I have so many intrests.Decorating has been always the constant for me , my real introduction for me was in high school they offered a class, I loved it. Finally I have a focus.

groovyinclinations said...

You know the pictures that we REALLY wanted to see:
You and your sweet hubby trimming up the roses, bandaids and all. Kids running around eating junk food instead of a proper dinner...

You did a fabulous job, the flowers and photos are incredible! I think we see that Chris is a bit of a perfectionist and I can clearly see you as Wedding Planner/Int. Decorator/Birthday Cake Maker...

It flowed nicer than wedding cake maker. :)


onelittlemustardseed said...

Chris, your flowers are beautiful!!! You really are multi-talented. Not that I am mult-talented...but I have a small attention span too....I get distracted or bored easily...I am in the gardening mode right now...but I have to work fast because I'll lose interest during the heat of summer!