Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sophie my baby girl

Now what can I say , I adore this kid, she sure knows how to push my buttons and make me melt, I see her as more fragile than perhaps most , I feel like all our time together is so precious, I feel like she can be taken away without notice, of course this is true of any child , but because Sophie is allergic to peanuts I alway feel impending doom, we have been lucky so far, I am very cautious of course with everything she puts in her mouth .This past weekend Sophie was a guest at two birthday parties , she was the only one who couldn't enjoy a piece of cake, the just in case , they didn't "have" nuts but no one can tell us if there has been cross contamination, poor kid she hates to be pointed out in any way ,really ever, thankfully she knows the seriousness of her allergy and it is nothing to play with , what a burden for such a little girl. But I have faith there will be a cure or a treatment .So until then I go on ,scanning every new place , every environment for danger, there behind the glass of the office at swimming class sits a bag of reeses balls, wondering did her swim coach wash properly, on the handle of the water fountain I wipe with vigor, letting the servers know everywhere we eat, yet by the end of a meal they usually forget .

I can't complain it is just what we need to do , like seatbelts , like helmets, but unlike those that are obvious to all , we have to protect her from an invisable or hidden danger most times , but boy am I glad we are dealing with this now and not 10 years ago , people are much more aware of this issue of concern.

I am lucky to be her Mom.


groovyinclinations said...

I have become a daily visitor! I love this place. My heart just aches with the fears you face with this allergy.
Beautiful children!!

chriskauf said...

Thanks Mindy , you are sweet, no one said being a mom was easy, your a mommy you know.
I don't know what I would do if anything happened to her as a result of her allery.I can't bear to go there.

Heidi said...

This is so tough because even in the best of situations (no allergies etc.), you still worry to death that something dreadful will happen to your kids when they walk out the door without you.

I can't imagine having the added fear of a peanut allergy, yet I too am very glad that you guys are dealing with this in this current day and age.