Thursday, May 29, 2014

Outdoor to create a lot of ambiance for little money

 Now that things have been warming up I have been spending a lot of my time outside, I love being outside.
We planted this large Japanese Lilac last summer during a heat wave thankfully it survived that and our extra harsh winter.
Planting a larger tree is more of an investment but you get so much more for your money and it adds to your property value.
We will add planting beds to the backyard space in time but since we just spent a good deal of money on our fence this year the beds and landscaping will have to wait.
I was inspired to concentrate on night time ambient lighting for this summer. I am in love with all the string's magical.
I went to Target and picked up 8 boxes of frosted globe lighting, each strand is 9 feet long. I started closest to the house down the fence around the back and even up our is amazing at night.

 I also added some lanterns to the fence for candle light and always a few hanging baskets for some color.
 I found two little lanterns in the garage while I was cleaning out for a yard sale we had last weekend, what to do with two tiny lanterns? then I thought what if I hung them from my lilac tree...that would be nice... so that sent me on the hunt for more white lanterns.
I found these simple tin lanterns also at Target with the great punch out designs, they didn't have hangers so I just cut some aluminum wire and made some hangers for them.
 Why did I only buy two of these adorable lanterns???

 I took these photos very early this past Saturday while I set up for a yard sale we were having. I feel so much better having cleared out so much that was just sitting in boxes from our move. We were able to also raise money for the Relay for Life Charity for cancer research.
I have a little yard sale tip for you....several days before the yard sale set up a private invite to your yard sale on Facebook for the people in your area...allowing your friends to get the heads up and dibs on all the good stuff....I had a lot of requests for previews but I resisted the urge to do so , I figured it was more fair to leave it all for Saturday morning and it was a huge success, we raised a lot of money for Relay for Life all in the first 30 min. I even held off on putting up signs until the first hour was over.

So do you love the outdoors in the summer?
Do you have a lot of outdoor lighting?


Michelle said...

Your home is amazing Chris. Love the fence and everything else you have done since you have moved in. We need a fence.. more to keep out pesky neighbors and their dogs and kids. The idea of moving all of the perimeter irrigation system lines doesn't thrill my hubby. LOT of clay here. What I would give for a corner lot too, instead of being sandwiched in the middle of the block. No out door lighting, but I did get a new table and set of chairs for my deck that needs to be refinished.

We found some new outdoor lights for the front of the house and garage at Home Depot that we will be installing hopefully this weekend. Need to plant our garden too.

Sherry Miser said...

I love the lighting! I need to do that too. But we have street lights behind our house that illuminate our yard (it sucks). But we have been slowly planting trees to block the lights.