Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shame on baby steps

 As you can see I changed my design a touch . I went with three smaller panels and two upper panels, I love it. I just need to finish the top details after I add the casing around the new door opening.
 I just love wainscoting.
 It's so pretty and makes a great back drop , for shaming. OMG I just couldn't help myself.

Moe is on the left and Dolce is on the right. I'm not sure why Dolce looks so mad?
This has been an ongoing problem, marking. And when one marks so does the other one , it's a vicious cycle. So I am dealing with it by making both dogs wear belly bands which don't allow for marking. I didn't even know they made belly bands for such a reason. I had to just make my own.
Hopefully this will break the habit. My poor drapes.....

I don't believe in human shaming but heck the dogs have no clue I'm shaming them online and it's darn funny to me.


Julie said...

hahaha....I had same trouble with my male cat. Thought it was marking too but it wasn't...it was my bad girl cat chasing him out of the litter boxes! I wonder if I can make a cat wear diapers. J

hong kong property said...

belly bands? this is the first time i've heard of them. hope it works.

Little Cottage on the Pond said...

Love it! The shaming, not the marking ;)
The woodwork looks amazing!

JeanneW said...

That was hilarious. Love the wainscoting but the dog shaming had me laughing. I really hope those belly bands work out. Let us know!!

marlenefit said...

Looks great. I'm putting up wainscoting in my dining room right now. Similar to your old dining room. All your moulding is so pretty I was inspired to do it in my home. I also love the dog humor :)

Jake said...

Love the wainscoting!

Haha on the pups though the pic's of them are so cute. Sad on the marking.

dogwalker said...

shaming, nope not funny.

Angela Steyn said...

Hilarious! The looks on their faces are priceless!!! Love your wainscoting, looks sensational.


Lauren -HCP said...

Just hilarious! Thanks for the laugh and gorgeous trim to go with:)


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