Tuesday, January 1, 2013

cozy drama for the dining room

 I have been considering a deep shade for the dining room, and New Year's Eve day I decided was the perfect day to try the shade of paint called School House Slate a Martha Stewart. I think a dining room is a good room to create an intimate cozy feeling, dining rooms are for drama.
 I plan on adding box beams to the ceiling eventually but that is a big project for mild temperatures , painting is an easy one day transformation.

 I am so thrilled with the color , it is a smoky blueish grey tone. I could use this color again.

I have to start figuring out what colors I will be painting the other rooms, next maybe our bedroom, but I have lots of trim work to do in there first. There is always so much to do in a new house...the living room needs some love. I can't wait to get all the wood flooring finished on the main floor , I hate carpet in the dining room. But these things take time.

I hope you had a Happy New Year and have a great 2013.



Quite a different style for you.

Wish I had your talent :)

Happy new year, Christ!


Cathy said...

Fabulous colour! Looking forward to seeing the colour choice in your bedroom.

Michelle said...

Wow!!! Gorgeous!!! So dramatic. I love it!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

That is dramatic! Love it! I'm biased though (I have Schoolhouse Slate on my hutch).

Happy new year Chris!

Stephanie said...

Martha still sold there in CN? I miss her paint here in the US. :( Great color!

Cynthia said...

Looks good Chris! Cozy for sure! Happy New Year to you as well!


Lauren (The Cottage Mix) said...

Love it, looks great! Such a pretty color.