Friday, October 12, 2012

Fabric overload

 We are still living with our old furniture from our old house , it's not quite right for this house and more importantly our sofas are needing replacing. Most of our pieces are Ikea Ektorp which I love but our three seater sofa is 10 years old and we are on our third slipcover for it . If not for new slipcovers I'm sure it would have need tossing many years ago , I love slipcovers, there is nothing like machine washing your sofa and freshening it up. So until we get new sofas to purchase I figured some new pillow covers were in order. I had this zig zag fabric collecting dust in my linen closet so since I had the sewing machine out I figured I would make some new covers.They will be perfect for the new sectional we are planning on getting for this room.

 I finished up the roman blinds for the dining room, I used an old cream roman blind and covered it with the same grey drapery fabric. I am planning on some wainscoting or trim and soft grey for the walls. I will eventually tackle a coffered ceiling here.
I really need to get the painting started. I'm tired just thinking about it .


WhiteWhispers2u said...

I use to have a blue and white stripped sofa myself! Loved it back then.
The pillows look great and will be perfect for your new sofa/sectional.

~Cheers Kim

Cynthia said...

Chris, you will love the Ektorp sectional. I just bought it in white for our loft area. So comfy.Your pillow fabric is beautiful.Can't wait to see how you pull your room together.


Katrina from The Block said...

I haven't been over to your blog in a while... have enjoyed catching up. Still in awe of all your handy work! X

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Gorgeous pillows, Chris. Love the pattern and they look so plump and cozy. The romans look great too.

How2home said...

The strip sofa w/ the chevron pillow maybe a little much in terms of pattern but the Ikea Ektorp sectional is awesome! The roman blinds are really fabulous! Chris you did a great job :) looking forward to see more!

Daydream Believer said...

So this is my very, very belated first comment on your blog. In fact, my fist comment on any blog! I've been reading your updates for about two years now, and am LOVING your new place. I hope you and your family have many years of health, happiness and beachyness in it! I was interested to hear about the slip covers. I was thinking of making them myself (first-timer- eek!). Do-able? Any tips you could maybe post about sometime? I'm sure other readers would be grateful for any advice! PS, if you wanna check me and my very, very neglected blog out, please do. It needs some love. :(

Gerry said...

Hmm.. What color do you have in mind? I suggest that you used a lighter color for your wall, as your furniture are composed of dark colored chairs and tables. If you'd do that, there would be a certain balance in the entire room.

Gerry Bossier