Wednesday, September 12, 2012

grey drapes

 I got out to Ikea last week to pick up the linen look Ritva drapes in grey that I love , $29 a pair how can you go wrong? I hung them from a Martha Stewart rod from Home Depot with black beehive finials. I hung the rod 5 inches above the frame of the windows and I used rings with clips to hang the drapes. I decided to go with a long rod after much debate , with myself. If I used two rods than they would almost touch anyway. I thought that being able to close the wall completely with drapes when having a dinner party was an interesting option. For the above look I have used two panels on each side.
 I dug up some frames from the basement and put in some new black and white prints to fill the space in between the windows.

Next I will tackle the side windows with roman blinds. I hate the carpet let me just say that , it will be replaced with wood next spring , because we need a vacation and that comes first. 
I am now trying to decide how to treat the walls, I think some kind of millwork is in order, but which type?? that's the hard part. Using this room as our dining room has turned out to be absolutely the right decision. Maybe when we have loads of grandkids 12-16 years from now and if we are still here we can try the other larger room . I wanted a intimate cozy space and that is what we have.


Luci @Bungalow At Home said...

I'm an Ikea junkie and love the Ritva drapes, they are such a steal!!

Pine Tree Home said...

Great choice on the drapes. I am loving the grey colors right now for fall. Did you have to hem them?

How2home said...

Looks great!

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Chris ... where did you get your dining room chandelier. I was at a restaurant in Port Hope on the weekend and they had the same one. Then I was looking at your blog and there it was again!!! Love it.

Thanks. Sharon

Kim said...

ohhhhhh....THANK YOU for this post! I have the exact same window set up in my dining room. They have been dressed a few different ways and now they are bare except for two woven shades. My plan was to just put panels on the outer edges but I couldn't decide on one or two rods. Your photo seals it for me. One long rod is perfect!!

Shannon said...

I'm loving the dining room! Great chairs, mirror and light!

marlenefit said...

Hi Chris

Did you sew those chair slipcovers yourself? I think they're so cute and would like to get something similar for my dining chairs. Thx