Sunday, July 29, 2012

outside is looking up

 For a couple of weeks we have been enjoying a little more outside time, its not much but it  and is ours. We still are waiting for grass but the lot is now mostly graded and ready for sod, but it has been very hot and very dry so we have had to wait and live with dirt. We were fortunate to have this larger than normal patio which has made the wait much easier to tolerate. The reason for that was that we were supposed to have a side walk across the yard to the driveway but I didn't see that as a good thing , I didn't want a sidewalk in the middle of our yard.
 I picked up these new oh so comfy chairs recently , they perfectly match the shutters on the house .

 I planted couple of trees last week, I have always wanted a birch, this one will be within the backyard/side yard fence. We went out last week for a dental appointment and we came back to a maple tree in our front yard a nice tall one too, I was so excited. Then Friday we got our landscaping package......dreary at best . It is included in the purchase price of our home, but I wish we had some say in the type of plants we were getting ... but that is the way it goes and we just get what we get. I do at least like sand cherry's so that was fine. I was able to choose their placement and they will fill in nicely, but then the rest was strange . What you now see is after I moved things around , replanted ripped out what I didn't like and made the best of what I didn't mind. I was able to give the offending plants to a neighbour who has just built a cottage so they went to good use. I went out and picked up 6 hostas to add to the sand cherry's and I moved the cotton asters along the walkway to the door , they are al right for now , but they will be replaced with yews eventually. I love hydrangea's so I added one on each side of the front steps, but there will so many more to come.
 I have such a hard time with gardening patience, but there is no choice I have to just sit back and wait to see how things develop over time. Don't even talk to me about the walkway , we will just pretend we don't see those. Maybe we can come up with a nicer look there next spring , but then again we will have to start the fence then....oh so much to be done .
 I'm crossing my fingers this will all be sodded this coming week.....
I'm looking forward to after shot of this with a lush green lawn , because this dirt is making me crazy , the house is getting pretty dirty inside with two dogs tracking it all in with them . The kids are longing for a trampoline so badly ....considering it !!! I know they are ugly but wouldn't that we so fun for them ...?


Michelle said...

My kids want a trampoline too. I think it would give them something to do, being we live in the boonies with not much around us. Hubby says no because it will kill the grass. We have a pretty green, nice lawn.

I am sure once you get all of your plants in, it will look gorgeous. You have a knack all of that. I like my front yard plants. But, my back and sides could use some help. Rabbits ate them down to nothing over the winter.

Joëlle - TrendyHomes said...

Your house looks very beautiful even without the grass, but I am looking forward seeing the house with it, it will sure look gorgeous :)
I have a little dog too and I have some grass but he wears it away running from left to right along the fence, so I let you imagine when it's raining... :(
Have a nice week.

Cynthia said...

It's all looking so nice Chris! I love the little patio at the side, what a good idea. Did you have to put those chairs together yourself? They look like those pre-painted ones, I'd like some myself! Your gardening looks terrific and will fill in nicely and I can picture the grass too.


Lady Em said...

Just a warning, kindly meant, I am the third daughter in a family of four girls. We begged and begged for a trampoline. In the end, we got rid of it after 3 out of the 4 of us ended up with broken lower fairly normal broken ankle, one broken ankle with surgery and one broken femur with full body traction. And we are not crazy or adventurous doing tricks or anything. Just jumping...though most incidents occurred with two people on the trampoline. One was a collision but the two ankles were just jumping off sync and the tramp, when stretched, becomes as hard as concrete for the second lander. Avoid it like the plague...seriously...ugly and dangerous.

Just Beachy said...

Cynthia I did put those together , they are from Superstore.

Ok now I am scared of a trampoline , my husband doesn't think they are safe at reconsidering...

How2home said...

Things are looking really nice Chris! What are some of your other plans in the backyard? Will it have a similar look like your the other with the bunkie? That will be pretty awesome.

Keep On S'myelin! said...

I know what you mean about those plantings in the front. The house we're moving into has a forest of sandcherries in front of it that have taken over, including a dead, tree that we'll be ripping out as soon as we move in.

My kids have been asking for a trampoline as well. My daughter's friend broke her leg a few months ago while on one and now I'm worried about getting one. Might have to rethink that one.

Hopefully you'll get the grass soon! :)

Diana July said...


Was wondering what you are doing for outside lighting?

I enjoy reading your blog!

Just Beachy said...

hmmm , well those builder lights at the back/side are going , I am going to most likely go with galvanized farm lights.