Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kitchen finalized

If you have been following our home building journey you will know although we will be moving into our house in just 7 short days we will be not moving into a completed house . We are moving in and starting phase two of the finishing stage. Now if I didn't enjoy reno work then I'm sure that we would have just put out the money to have the upgrades all done by our builder . But I love doing home improvements, I love it although not always easy , I feel it feeds my creative soul. I have been running out of projects for this blog since I completed most of the projects in this house, however soon I will have lots and lots to blog about. 
The way we are choosing to make our house into our finished dream home is not for everyone , nor is there a right way or a wrong way to make a home , this is just our way.
We have been packing and packing all while choosing our appliances and choosing  little touches like lighting and some furniture. Mostly furniture is not even on my mind just yet. Beds however are our priority and as of today we will all have beds. We are getting a king sized bed , this is new for us. We chose a black painted four poster bed and we have the nicest blue round side tables that I gave my husband for his birthday. Mason will be getting our white cottage bead board bed and Sophie will have my child hood antique bed , which I need to paint this week somehow. 

I wanted to put together in one place our chosen kitchen finishes so I can keep it all straight , sorry it's a lot of  repeats I know , bear with me ...
The kitchen cabinets will be painted Bedford Gray a Martha Color like in this photo.
The floors pine stained dark. 
Our range.
I'm loving the look of this hutch , it is quite like I want my hutch area to look , like a free standing area, maybe white would be nice for my hutch too .

                         100% carrera marble counters on the perimeter , honed .
                                             Our large single stainless under mount sink
We are considering this style of range hood, I want something powerful , quiet and with good lighting.

                                        Our lovely Delta faucet with pull out in chrome
           Today I ordered this fridge , it is not the matching Kitchenaid only because they only offer the pro handle models in counter depth , and that means we would have to give up a lot of storage space. We also have a wall to the right of our fridge and a shallow fridge would not work there, well not a french door style.So after a lot of deciding and toying ( I really wanted to avoid the bow style handles) we settled on the GE Cafe 25 c ft fridge in standard depth, basically it is the very same fridge we have just with different ext styling and with water and ice in the door. We drink a lot of water in this house and we go through a lot of ice, probably 2 trays a day on average so hopefully this will become a handy feature. I also don't mind the look of water in the door , I think it's functional and kinda fun for us who have never had this before. We saved a lot on each appliance taking advantage of sales and price matching as well as rebates, we are pleased we have been able to get great appliances with in a reasonable budget , with a savings of over $5000 on retail prices , it really pays to do some leg work.
         Almost sure we will go with white subway tile with dark grout , clean simple and a little bold.
                     We are settled on these S&C antique brass pendants , two over the island.
                           As for over the kitchen table however I haven't seem anything yet.
I am going to order these chrome pulls which are Martha Stewart .
Butcher block for the island .

We did get this matching dishwasher to the range, Kitchenaid with pro handles. It comes with all the bells and whistles which will be very nice. It is back ordered until late March so we will be doing a lot of old fashioned dish washing...YUCK!!!

So there we have it , we are really MOVING, it is really hitting me now ...there are only a few days left and a whole lot of work to do ...wish us luck. We will settle in and then hopefully I will get back to a quick update here and there. 
See you soon . 


Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Eek, its almost here! I'm so excited for your family. Your kitchen sounds wonderful. I love the Bedford Grey. Pairing it with marble and butcher block is going to look stunning!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

You know, our KitchenAid frig is counter depth but 72 inches tall so it's still 25 cu ft. Although it already needs to be repaired (ice maker is spilling water all over the freezer) so I guess it's better you got what you did! Love your finishes!

Simply Jen said...

Oh...SO exciting! I've been following and I cannot wait to see it all!
Have fun!

safieh said...

I love Bedford Grey! All of your choices are lovely and I can't wait to see the finished results. Thanks for sharing!

Alison said...

Nice choices! I love the gray cabinets!

That looks like my backslash!! I do love it. I had my doubts at first with the grey grout but it really has grown on me.

and my carerra marble counter tops still make me smile every time I see them! you will LOVE them. I have had them almost a year and no stains. The only thing I have found are a few tiny chips out around the sink from pot and pans being put in the deep sink.

Gina said...

Wow!! Fabulous choices. I love the cabinet color especially. And the counters, lights...... :) Sounds like my dream kitchen. Looking forward to seeing the finished space.

Decor Addict said...

I am so excited for you and can't wait to see your projects as they come along. FYI- not sure my husband likes me reading your blog since it makes me want to move every time. We are very similar in that I too have fully upgraded my newer builder standard home. We are almost done and I just don't know what will I do when I'm out of projects!

Jessica said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I love it!!! I be coming back for sure! What fun to watch a beautiful home coming together.

That birthday cake in the last post was super sweet looking - so pretty!