Sunday, January 8, 2012

Planning and deciding

I love the planning and decision process of interior design , there are lots of ideas and too many choices , sometimes it is very overwhelming . Many people get stuck in the decision stage and become paralyzed and don't do anything because of the fear of making a bad or wrong decision. That is not an option for me. It took me 7 years to pull this house together to add all the special touches and to create a home full of character and I don't want anything less for our new house. I will not be giving myself quite so much time on the new house . I figure 2 years tops . Lots of blog post material.
We have finally decided on the wood flooring , drum roll please..... its is going to be rough sawn pine flooring stained dark . The photo above is my inspiration . I have done lots of homework and asked lots of homeowners that have pine floors to let me know what they think of them. Turns out they love them. See wood was a no brainer , we love wood, but having two kids and two dogs we know wood floors get scratched and show wear and that is just a fact of life. So do we want rustic floors that have loads of charm that can have character added to it by everyday life, or perfect floors that will get scratched and marks that will break my heart and make me mean, no we don't want that . I want the bones of the house creamy white and have quiet elegance but the floors obviously rustic.

For the family room we will need built ins flanking the fireplace to house the tv components. When I recently saw this image on House of Turquoise I thought how perfect . Where they have art we have windows. This will be the perfect arrangement for our family room.I think a lantern will be in order for our family room as well.

I recently ordered a box of these Moroccan tiles from Overstock , they made it all the way from Utah . I don't know how any of them made it in one piece however. The bottom of the box was wide open , they where barely supported ,its a miracle there were only 4 tiles broken, luckily I will have to square up the bottoms anyway to add these to our back splash above the range. They are so lovely and only $11.00 a sq foot.

I went over to the new house on Friday to measure for blinds for the bedrooms , did I mention we have 27 windows. For now I am only concerned about bedroom blinds and bathrooms . As you can see they installed the lovely slider closet doors , gosh they are something else. Mason and Sophie both want curtains and not doors at all , so they will be removed at some point.
I will have to absolutely replace the linen closet sliders , because they just look plain awful. I actually found the same doors we have throughout the house in slider form for $169.99 , I think that is pretty good , I will just have to trim out the opening nicely to add some character. Why don't they trim nicely around closets with sliders ? , well they did in the laundry room , which makes it look so much nicer.
Great Room eclectic family room
eclectic family room design by general contractor Borges Brooks Builders
I have been noticing a lot of rustic wood accents in the houses I am drawn to on Houzz , like this photo above of the eclectic family room. I am planning on the cladding the soffits in the dining room with wood to create this look , so it will look structural .

So for now I am planning our first steps after we take possesion and move in .
Projects  # 1 Kitchen: remove sheet vinyl flooring( laid in the kitchen to close the house , darn by-laws) lay wood flooring in the kitchen first and foremost , and finish the kitchen flooring.
#2 remove kitchen counters
#3 paint the kitchen  cabinets before installing gas range.
#4 build onto kitchen island to add microwave cabinet and wire for electricity
#5 add stone counters and new farm house sink
#6 install appliances ( run gas line and water line for fridge)
# 7 customize kitchen cabinets with valance and crown moulding.
# 8 add wood counters to island.
#9 find and install two beautiful pendants
#10 back splash
#11 install range hood
#12 trimmed chalkboard wall

Other projects : (inside only list)
paint all interior doors black
install all the pretty lights starting with bathroom vanity lights
install entry hall brick floors in herringbone pattern (easy right)
stain and paint staircase
install remaining wood floors on main floor upper hall and office
beam treatment in dining room
add trim to staircase walls
customize entry closet
install open shelving in laundry room
paint kids bedrooms , bathrooms and our bedroom
built ins in the family room
add tile accents to master bath
build upholstered master king sized headboard
replace all interior door hardware
install floors in the powder room
trim out nicely all the bathroom mirrors

well that is a starter list , I'm getting worried , oh heck who are we kidding I love this stuff don't I , I live for this kind of list.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Huge to-do list, but what fun it will all be and it will look stunning. Hugs, Marty

Jamie -Better With Age said...

Designing for a new home! So much fun!! Good luck ;)

Susan said...

You're definitely thinking ahead! I can't wait to see your progress on making the house your own!

Vintage Home said...

wow...organized or what...good for you!

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Oh what fun you willhavecreating your beautiful new home!! xox

Anna@MyDesignEthos said...

These inspiration pictures are stunning and I love what you have done so far! Can't wait to see more progress.

Sara said...

This is exciting! I cannot wait to see how it all comes together :) I especially love the backsplash tile (we are about to redo our kitchen and I'm searching for inspiration like crazy) and the idea of painting all of the interior doors black. Classic!

Enjoy the process (even when its overwhelming!) :)

Tammy said...

I love those tiles and am also thinking about using them, but in my powder room!!!

Chesapeake Chic said...

So exciting! We are going through the same process now-- except they just finished the framing and putting the roof on. Picking flooring now though-- we went with saddle back hickory from Columbia-- it also has a rustic look to it, but will match our more formal kitchen a bit better. Now for the mudroom fooring!

Best of luck to you!!

Annie@A View On Design said...

I love that you started out in your post saying "I love the interior design process" because it kinda changed it's tone towards the end!! lol

Brant Cookies said...

I can't wait to see what you do with those ugly white sliders, I have the exact same ones in my kids rooms too! Such an exciting time, enjoy every step!

Misty said...

Wow...Your going to be a busy girl;) I have no doubt you will be able to pull it off beautifully. Instead of finishing your hardwood in traditional oil based or waterbased finish, have you thought of Eukula hard wax oil? It's a great product, environmentally friendly. It's awesome because you never have to refinish your floors. You can maintain them yourselves. And life happens with kids and dogs:)Just my two cents. I used to manage a flooring store, that specialized in site-finished hardwood along with everything else.

Just Beachy said...

thank you Misty , can I get this shipped to Ontario , it seems to only be out west ??? help

Misty said...

Yes Chris, I'm sure the company can ship it for you, if not I can give you the name of where I used to work, I'm sure they would ship it for you. Also another thought, if your hardwood is going to butt up to where your Lino is, make sure they don't glue the 1/4" subfloor they add under your lino. When you go to take up your Lino and remove the 1/4" subfloor they add under Lino, it will be a nightmare to remove, so your hardwood will be all the same height. I'm sure you already thought of that:) Misty

Erikita said...

WOW! Why didn't you just build yourself the home of your dreams in the first place. You paid for a builder to build you a cookie cutter home and install that builder (cheap) grade material just so you can turn around and spend another $80k (min) to replace it all to your liking...are you crazy or what?!

Misty said...

Erikita.....MMMmkay, I don't usually leave comments on blogs. Especially to other people. I found your comment to be kinda rude, and it didn't really sit right with me. If that wasn't your intention then, I apologize. Firstly there is a quote, and I can't find it so I'm just going to paraphrase. "Some people look for homes that are already beautiful, while others can make anything beautiful." I am assuming here, but I would venture you are in the first category, and Chris would be the second. I have no doubt she could make a single wide trailer in Saskatoon a mansion. (I mean no offense to anyone by my last comment)
Chris bought a builder spec home NOT a custom home. I see what she is doing here. I think she gets a great sense of accomplishment by doing things herself. I don't know her builder, but a lot of builders will not let you do "sweat equity" because they think it holds there time line up. Also say Chris was to do some work on her home and she decided to sell her home in a couple of years. If something went wrong with Chris's work the builder would be held liable. Also builders have to make money so they mark up all the upgrades. So what I believe Chris is trying to do is get the house finished so the builder can get his last installment from the bank and the financing will go through. Not everyone has to have there dream home right away. Some people don't like to be mortgaged to the hilt, and like to do things a little at a time as they can afford. I don't know Chris, I'm just a reader that very much enjoys her blog. So if I'm out to lunch, I apologize;)

Just Beachy said...

Well thank you Misty . To address Erikata's "concerns" I would live to build a custom home , however location is most important to me , a great well established neighborhood with amazing schools is top priority , so custom was out of the question. I went with our builder because I love the style of their homes and their great customer service and that they build affordable good quality homes. I have enjoyed building character into my current home . I believe I chose wisely the upgrades I went with and I look forward to creating a warm one of a kind home . One of the biggest draws to buy this new home is that is is actually a one of a kind layout inside and out . As far as the $80,000 in extras you suppose I will add , well not nearly I do the work myself and take pride in stretching a buck and doing the work myself . Don't concern yourself . Hope you stick around to see how it all turns out .

Just Beachy said...

As far as throwing things out , actually we are giving our new counters to a friend , and the carpeting will go to family The vinyl is a must to get financing Misty is correct . I take basic and make it great , thanks
I don't think my readers think I'm crazy at all .

Just Beachy said...

The Lino is just temporary , I will not be removing any plywood, phew , it is all ready for wood floor installation they are shimming the cabinets for me as well and we also have the nosings installed , hopefully we have thought of all the proper prep work .

Coral and Coast said...

I've just come across your blog and look forward to seeing how your new home turns out! Looks like it's going to be just gorgeous, following along now :) xo Kirsty

Erikita said...

Bottom line is...we all know cookie cutter homes are aka cheap homes to begin with no matter the location and no home in a cookie cutter neighborhood is "one of a kind" when being built. No concerns here honey... You may save $$ by DIY just like I do with projects the difference is I didnt finance to have cheap stuff installed only so I can go back and remove 95% of it and spend more money in buying new fixtures. ;-)

parenting articles said...

those are a lot. but i know you can do it!:D

parenting articles

Just Beachy said...

Erikata ,
I guess you just feel superior for some reason , I don't know why you care how I am creating a family home?
I think we will be removing about 10% of builder items to add our own touches, not everyone has the money to get the best right out of the gate.
What is with the financing dig? , this sounds so personal , do I know you or something?, clearly you are trying to take a cheap shot at me.
I'm happy you don't have to finance to get cheap stuff like me, clearly you are a much superior!!

Misty said...

Erikita....Really because I've been in some "million dollar" custom homes, that were horribly built, that the owners had problems with from day one. Oh, I'm not sure anyone has ever told you this, just because you add a smiley face after you've made an incredibly rude remark and assumption; doesn't make the rude comment okay:)Chris...I'm sorry I keep commenting on your blog, I just enjoy reading it. Sometimes rude people set me off. But I'm going to be quiet now, because my Momma taught if I don't have anything nice to say, not to say it.Good Luck, can't wait to see the finished product.

NicoleZ said...

I usually do not reply to other people's posts either but I would just like to let Erikita know that Chris's home is infact a ONE OF A KIND design in our neighbourhood. She and I are not friends or even acquaintances but I do live in her neighbourhood and there are no other houses built quite like hers.

Now onto the real reason for my post:)
I am super excited to see how you customize your new home to make it your dream home. Unfortunately w/a list that extensive I dont feel like you will ever have time to come and work on mine:(

Hope all goes well w/the move and let me know if you have any spare time.