Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fresh Start

Happy new to you , hope you had a whole lot of fun.
We had a nice relaxing holiday and now its back to reality , back to work , working out , cleaning house and packing for our move next month.
Lots of planning and day dreaming going on here that is for sure.
We have almost 100% decided on rough sawn pine floors stained dark, this has been a tough decision for sure , but from what I hear we will be happy with it , lot's of character for our spanking new place.
Our new house is on a corner and we have been trying to figure out how we will fence our property when the time comes. Lucky us a near by community has homes by our builder set up exactly the same way as our new house is with the separate garage. So we have been able to see how at least 7 other home owners dealt with such a set up. I love the one below most of all with the open iron fence and all the mature trees. We also like the home above how they kept the fence back which visually connects the house and garage. Really in our climate you use the yard 6 months of the year maximum , and we don't need a ton of privacy as we mostly just hang out and relax in our yard. Most likely we will opt for the privacy fence .

But the fence is an issue for the future.  For now I have been just looking for appliances.
As I'm sure I mentioned I have a 36" opening for our range , we had considered building it in to accommodate a 30" range because 36" ranges are very pricey. I have been eyeing a beautiful Kitchen aid range at Sears . This floor model has been marked down for quite some time , since well before the idea of a  new house was in our minds. It was crazy expensive , I won't even say how much , let's just say there was no way no how. But clearly not many people around here buy 36" ranges , so they were trying to move it. The price was fair but not low enough for us, that is until I asked . It really does pay to speak up because they came back with an unbeatable price so it ours now I'm so happy to say. It is so exciting , it is duel fuel , 6 burner and so pretty. We currently have a Kitchen aid convection smooth top range which we love , but it was sold with the house . The new range has all the same digital features of our current stove which will be so nice , no new learning for the kiddies.

I am really loving this corner house separate garage set up , a mere 56 days and we will be moving in to our very own corner house.

We indulged in lots of holiday goodies for Christmas and New Years , I enjoyed cooking up some killer treats , but it is time to get things back on track.

 This was the most delicious Pumpkin Chipotle soup for Christmas Eve.
And these are the easy chicken enchiladas I served with the soup, yummy .
I'm off to tackle some more packing and cleaning .

Here's to a great fresh start for 2012


Pine Tree Home said...

Fun stuff! I love the look of the iron fence, but I am all about privacy around here.

frances said...

When i moved into the house I am in now 4 years ago I was not much of a cook really, never really bothered. I just ordered the cheapest, self cleaning stove Sears carried. But now i go to cooking class at a local grocery store once a week and have been for almost 3 years..and the one thing I have learned is that your stove is one of the most important things in your house. What I wouldn't give to have a stove like you just bought. So glad you got one you wanted and at a deal like that awesome..You will not regret it. Cheers Frances p.s. can't wait till you move for all the awesome blog posts to come.

Chloe and Co. said...

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to seeing the decorating you'll do in your new home.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

We bought KitchenAid appliances, too...and spent way too much, but I'm in love with them and can't wait to get em delivered! Congrats on finding a great range and on the new home!

Tammy said...

My husband and I are currently building right now and I went to Sears and asked for Contractors price for appliances and they put me in contact with a contract salesperson and the prices are at least half of what you see on the floor models or any advertised sale!!!...so it's worth asking if you need to buy anymore appliances! good luck!

Susan said...

I love the look of the white fence, but that may be because I'm impartial - all the houses in my neighborhood have white fences :)

Your stove sounds wonderful!