Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I wanted to show you some of Mason's nail creations , everyday a new design ... Yesterdays design , it took 7 different layers to get to this final look above.

this was layer 5

this layer 4

She has learned so much from Youtube tutorials , how to not stain your nails ,lots of great design tips and how to use every day items as tools , oiling her cuticles , making sure the design doesn't chip off , good nail polish is key , you get what you pay for... these are some of her older designs

More designs to come there are 365 days in a year , I think I need to get Mason her first real camera so she can document her journey ...


Jamie Thompson said...

She is a fantastic artist! I always love interesting nail designs, although I myself don't wear them. My little sister has the knack too and I am always amazed at what she can come up with on that tiny canvas! Good job mom for encouraging her! I know so many mom's of teens who spend so much time saying "No" or just not supporting the creativity of their kids.

Twinmommy2boys said...

Those are fantastic. I have two boys so there I don't think there will be any of this going on here.

reidforfun said...

Looks great! I loved doing my nails all different styles when I was younger. Have you seen the blog "the daily nail"? Neat designs and different daily - I think? :)

Brighton said...

My 13 year old daughter, Annie, has the same hobby! Love your snow pics- we are in Texas where yesterday it was almost 80 and 1000% percent humdity...ok, maybe only 100% but still ; o )


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