Friday, March 26, 2010

Just keeping on

{this photo taken last summer }
At this time of the year when the snow is all gone and the air is crisp and cold and the garden just looks like a mess it is so hard to remember what it looks like when it comes back to life.
{this photo taken last summer too}
Especially this spot , its looks right now like there is no hope for it , but this will happen again , now that I am reminded I do have faith , after all I see the tulips popping up already .

I am now remembering the beautiful peonies my sister in law Janice surprised me with , these were fresh from her garden.

I remember back to last June when we travelled to Orlando and vacationed during a most uncomfortable heat wave , it was nice to get away but lesson learned we don't travel to hot locations during the summer months , especially my husband can't handle it he's hot in our Canadian winters, he did his best to tolerate the heat , but when he slept nightly on the floor right next to the air conditioner by choice you know how much he must have been suffering .

Doesn't that just warm your heart , a relaxed and sleepy puppy .

Happy weekend everyone.
I have completed my first full week of workouts and improved diet , things are going well , but the journey has just begun , anyone have any tips to keep motivated that have worked for you , I'd love to hear them , I am feeling stressed lately and been getting stress headaches for about a month now , so I need to keep those factors at bay to keep me on track ,there is no giving up, there is just keeping on .


E Hayes said...

The picture of your Boston melts my heart... I love them!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Ok, that striped chair is divine!!! And those peonies...gorgeous! I'm having a Garden Party linky tomm & I'd love for you to join up!!

Kathy said...

I think your place looks great already...
When you get tips on the work out and diet plan pass them on....I'm in need of a few tips myself!
Happy weekend...Summers coming!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

AK-Magnolia House said...

I think it is an amazing the hosta re-appears every spring! You have a beautiful little garden.
As for your new diet and excercise program. My success came from rewarding myself once every weekend. I went to a diet specialist after my 2nd baby. He gave me all the knowledge about what to eat or not and how much. Then every Saturday (I chose) I could eat either a dessert of my choice or a meal. And I mean any choice. For example one weekend I went to the ice cream shop and had a whole ice cream sunday! On another weekend I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and had a whole dinner. I lost all the weight I set out to. Got in shape. And I still try and follow "rewarding" myself once a week. Good luck. You can do it if you really really want it!

Tammy said...

Girl, let me tell you about heat waves. Being a Floridian we have learned to NEVER go to Disney between June and August. It is miserable and so is most everybody around you. You'll notice that most Florida residents will not be there during the Summer months but there are still those die hard Mickey fans that will suffer through anything to see him!

Love the beautiful pics of the flowers to help remind us of whats to come.I have actually already started my gardening, that is at least one of perks of living in Florida!

Beautifully Inspired said...

Oooo La-La! I love your front door!!


Lori said...

I want peonies! I think the Texas cold would kill them in the winter, maybe not. Keep up the good work, spring will motivate you.

Judy said...

If you find anything that keeps you motivated to exercise and eat better, please let me know, I have so much trouble in that department.

Here in the South it is getting more springlike but still chilly at night. I went today and bought two Kimberly Queen ferns (the only kind I don't kill) for my urns on my about two weeks I'll get all my planters filled up, I can't wait for spring!


ashlina said...

absolutely beautiful!!!!!
happy weekend.

JenLo said...

I think setting little goals for yourself really helps the motivation. Even something simple like finding a 5K to walk in and do it in a certain amount of time, or something like that. It really helps the motivation to have something specific you are working toward besides just a smaller size.

Sheryl said...

Beautiful photos! I've somehow found my eating/exercising mojo - going on 8 months now. If you keep it up, you will realize how great you feel afterwards. Now I actually crave exercise most days. NEVER thought that would happen. Plus, being 47, I have to do this for myself if I don't want to gain weight. Just how it is!

Screaming Meme said...

Awww...Your pup is adorable! Go Gluten Free...I have lost 18 lbs...It works...the GF Diet book by Elizabeth Hasselbeck is great...It is not just for Celiac Disease patients...My whole fam is on the diet to support me...:) Happy weekend...Meme

The Boese Family said...

I would suggest writing down everything you eat and weighing yourself every day. It will be a bummer at first as the scale won't show your hard work, but in no time the pounds will shed and you'll feel sooooo good. Oh, and treat yourself when you hit certain milestones. Good luck to you!

Mel said...


I feel your pain. I have been on my weight loss journey for 6 months now. I'm down 35 lbs. Feeling so much better has been a great motivator. It's tough to stick to at the best of times, but the recurring theme for me is that "I deserve to look after me". Yeah, I'm a mum first, but I'm not 2nd rate! Neither are you.
BTW, I L.O.V.E. love hostas! Yours are gorgeous and full.


Kerri said...

Your home is just beautiful, and I'm insanely jealous of those peonies! Here in Queensland, Australia we have very mild winters and struggle to grow plants like these, but I guess the flip side is I have frangipanis for months of the year and no less than three koalas in our backyard at the moment!
Good luck with the diet plan, someone told me once that motivation comes from doing, so you must be on the right track.
Have a great weekend,
Kerri xx

BigBlueHouse270 said...

I suggest "Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred". It's an intense 20 minutes workout....only 20 minutes. There is no excuse not to do it. I feel super lazy when I don't do it. Good motivation. Good luck!!

Caroline said...

Those peonies are gorgeous!! Your puppy is sooooo cute!