Friday, August 21, 2009


This is twice now that I have been out and alone at a grocery store when a big storm hits , I was out doing errands and picking up today's lunch when the super market went black ....that has never happened , I did see a dark storm approaching but didn't here the severe storm warnings , I heard from another lady checking out her groceries that there was a tornado warning in our city , so I rushed out with my few bags , when I saw the most vicious and brilliant lightening just on the other side of the parking lot , I moved out of there as quickly as I could , of course the light turned red while I watched this storm barrel through , I was a wreck , I got home and ran inside to bolts of lighting just to the north of our street so close , the sky was "green",it turned out there were tornado's, this morning in near by communities many are without power as we were for over 4 hours and many people are just seeing now how their homes have been destroyed or damaged .
This is not an area where tornado's happen , this is quite an unusual occurrence .
I was glad to get in the house with my family last night , also glad to have multitudes of candles to light the house during the massive blackout .
My thoughts are with those who sustained damage .


Queen B. said...

oh my gosh, where is this ?

kathi said...

Oh my, I'm glad you made it home safely. We have tornados here in Alabama too. They are so scary!
My thoughts will be with your neighbors too.

NicNacManiac said...

Chris, glad you made it home safely!
I had just arrived home when 10 minutes went by and boom....we were hit. It was crazy, right...nothing, then as though a light switch was hit. The green sky was so scary and the lightening and thunder were the loudest in forever, intense rain and wind. The destruction to so many homes during this storm is extremely scary!!
Take care !! xOxO

Tina Sherman said...

We've had tornadoes when the sky has turned a dark, spooky green. I've only seen it once and would rather not see it again.

Take care and hope things are okay for you.

Blessed Mama said...

So glad that you and your family are safe & sound. My prayers go out to your neighbors. I am in Texas and it is still unfathomable that I have never been in a tornado. I can't imagine how frightening it is. Take care!

julie said...

how scary! i am terrified of lightning! i am so glad you got home safe and that your house is still standing! its been quiet over here in florida! hopefully it will stay that way!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Scary!!! So glad you made it home safely. :)

TheClassy Woman said...

That would definitely be scary!! Glad you made it home safe and that there is no damage to your home. My thoughts are with your neighbors. I don't remember there ever being a tornado in Ontario the whole time I lived there. It is a rare occurance indeed.

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

I know, we had those same storms. I emailed you as the radio announcer said it was heading your way too, in case you were online and not aware of it.

Elyse said...


i lived in illinois when i was little and we would have tornado drills at school. sirens would blare. i found it very scary. to this day when "special report" interrupts a TV show, my heart skips a beat thinking it's a tornado warning. yikes.

well, here in RI, a hurricane is wandering through the forecast.

be safe and well


Melinda said...

That is scary. Speaking of unusual occurances here in Newfoundland we are getting weather like we have never had before, and this weekend we are rumored to be getting the tail end of Hurricane Bill, and that it is going to be a doozy, and other provinces here in Canada have gotten tornados for the first time ever. Global warming maybe? Scary stuff.
Glad you are okay, and so sorry for the people in your area who have been hurt by this.


Megan said...

That's so scary! I am glad to hear that you and your family are okay.

Restyled Home said...

We are getting a hurricane here tomorrow. I ahve to bring everything in and batten down the hatches.

I thought we didn't get this stuff here...?!
So glad you are safe.