Monday, August 31, 2009


I removed the old thin casing and re-built it with thicker trim .
I am loving all the addition of white .

I was overly optimistic I suppose thinking I would be finished .

I still need to sand and paint at least two coats on the beadboard , you would not believe how many people say "what is beadboard ?" when I tell them what I am doing to my bathroom , how can they not know ?

I need to re-install a towel hook , and I am making a new towel rack , a few little finish bits of trim , but it will be finished very soon , the most work is behind me.

The nice thing about installing mouldings in a room with lots of mirrors is that you get a doubled effect .


Jessica said...

Great job!

Pam @ This Humble House said...

Hi Chris!
That looks so fresh and clean! Love the mouldings! I want that shower curtain, too!

~ Pam

Thirkellgirl said...

My husband spent the past two weekends putting up beadboard in our kitchen to cover the yellow formica wall from the 1960s, and nobody I've mentioned it to knows what beadboard is either! And I was astounded, too!

Queen B. said...

Ok, that confirms it.... I REALLY want to add beadboard in the bathroom.

Sherrie said...

The beadboard makes this room!

Nice job!


Anna said...

Hi, I've been a long time reader and I love all the upgrades you've done to your home yourself. My question is ... "How hard is to remove old trim and casings without damaging the drywall?" I would love to do this project myself, but I am a little nervous about starting since I am so clueless. I don't want to leave big holes in the drywall. That's not the look I am going for. LOL! I already have white (off-white) trim and doors throughout the house, but I'd love to "thicken" up the trim. It just gives a home so much more character.

Lou said...

am loving the details you are adding to your home.Beautifully, lovingly done..
eventually, my home will be resembling yours..
white and beadboarded..just beachy!

Anna said...

Thanks for all the info. Now I won't be so freaked out if I damage it just a tad.
Keep the home improvement ideas coming!

the lady of the house said...

Looks like your washroom is coming along nicely and sorry about your poor little guy... hope he feels better soon!

Ruth Williamson said...

Just found you last night--and already spent hours looking :-O I have the same questions that Anna had--about removing the old before adding the house is 50 years old, so although the original moldings are too thin, at least they are good quality, and "work" with the house. If I remove them, and "screw up" the house, I'll be so mad at myself! Do you just have at it with a crow bar or what? Also, how did you design your new moldings? I'd love to see a step-by-step on a window or door!

Cindy Harvey said...

Just fabulous! The blues and whites you're using are to. die. for. I'd never want to leave that room :o) Great touches, and I'm a beadboard fanatic.....and it took 4 coats to cover mine in my old place. Ugh.

Jane said...

Hi Chris
Love what you are doing in the bathroom. It's soothing.

I love beadboard and plan to use it in my guest bath...gotta cover up the sunshine yellow walls and glow-in-the-dark geckos, frogs, bugs, etc. from the kid-days. Interestingly, most guests insist I keep the wild room...seems they love turning off the lights in there and watching the snake light up. Maybe I'll post photos for some Met. Monday.
Jane (Artfully Graced)

Anonymous said...

love it so much!!!

Brenda said...

You are doing all the right things. And you're doing so much yourself! I admire you for that.

cousin Deb said...

I love your bathroom! I am putting up beadboard too because of your beautiful blog. What is the blue you used? I love it!