Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who wants to wait?

Not my kids , they do not like to wait , for some people freezing cold water would cause them to rethink taking a dip but not my children, the water is currently 65 degrees and in they went to freeze their toes , ah it's good clean fun .We have a couple more feet of water to go , I of course underestimated how long this fill would take so far 18 hours.
Mother nature has decided to help out the filling process with a light rain, looks like our heat wave is on hold for most of the next week , however my allergies have finally subsided .


Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

No way I would get in water that cold, but my kids always get in sister's pool when it is barely filled and freezing. The bravery of children:)

Melinda said...

Kids have such a higher tolerance of cold than us adults!! My sister and I took our kids to the beach last weekend. Now, first off let me explain that the chill isn't even out of fresh water here in Newfoundland until the first or second week in July usually, and this beach was next to the ocean, with of course, salt water which is much colder. Well, we went with just plans to play on the beach and enjoy the sunshine but within an hour our kids we wading up to their waists, and the boys even swam!!!
Hope you, and your family, have a wonderful summer...and don't forget to get your toes wet too :-)


Hillcrest Acres said...

My kids are dying for a pool in our backyard. They have been begging for one and would love yours. Unfortunately, our neighborhood doesn't allow above ground pools.


Brenda said...

Wish we had that kind of weather here! It's been 100 degrees in the shade of late!

MaryBeth said...

My pool was 82 and I got a phone call from the visitors (my family) that it was too cold and could I please turn up the heat. MB

Joanna said...

No way would I be in it, but the kids oh yea! Kayla was in ours as ours was filling up the year we put ours up. Kelsie was just a baby then or she would have been in too.

I won't get in until the water is at least 78 and that's just to float on a float..the water has to be above 82 for me to get in it and swim.

Glad y'all got a pool!!

Me & My House said...

I, too, am waiting...for the perfect jute rug, for the perfect coffee table and pair of chairs for our living room...I want a Dash and Albert but for the size that I want, I would have to spend over 1K...not ready for that now since I already splurged on my sofa and bookcase...soooo, I wait. Ho, hummmm....tee,hee! Thanks so much for sharing and great job on the room!

UPrinting said...

Eurgh. Cold water! I wouldn't even dare to dip on cold water. I like my bathing water warm... :D