Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What a day

How would you react to this ? I have to say I kept my cool , my 10 year old and her friend ended up with this disaster some how thankfully in their bathroom, lesson: always keep plenty of nail polish on hand , I can't imagine what I would have done if I had been even close to out of polish remover.
I am focusing on eating healthier than this winter, doesn't this all look yummy. I am very grateful my kids love fruits and veggies, and I look forward to feeling great very soon .
Clean the frog tank
Drop of items for sale to frequent purchaser
Get hot lunch to kids at school
Another small workout
List items for sale
Detail sink
Scoop poop in backyard
Pick up 3 kids from school
Swimming lessons
Nail polish disaster
I hope tomorrow has a few less yucky tasks and plenty of good bits, oh yes my daughters first basketball game , that will be fun.


Different Dog said...

Thank your lucky starts the polish was in the bathroom. My three year old got ahold of the dark brown nail polish belonging to big sister, and she opened it and it got all over a quilt her grandmother had made! I did not keep my cool. I just have to make sure Grandma never sees that big brown stain. It went through to the mattress btw.
Maybe I'll post a picture one day.
Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Paint thinner will work too....

YIKES...but I am sure she felt terrible...glad you kept your cool Mum...

Scoop poop now there's a job lol NOT !!!!

Have a great night Chris...

Kathy :)

Darlene said...

Oh I am glad you kept your cool....I don't know if I would have. But of course if my 10 year old broke a bottle of nail polish I'm sure it would be on the carpet!!!

All your food looks delicious. I HAVE to start buying more fruits and veggies!

jen said...

Yup!! I've been there, but it was in the carpet and it's still there!!

Glad it all cleaned up well.

Preppy Mama said...

Oh I have done the same thing with the nailpolish myself and it was a dark color!

T said...

I had that happen about a month ago - BUT it was on the carpet and at 7:30 in the morning... right at the exact minute that I was supposed to leave for work. I scrubbed and checked the internet for solutions (OXYclean by the way) and scrubbed some more and it eventually came out. (and yes, I was late for work).

UPrinting said...

Are those cherry tomatoes? Hhmm... they look gorgeous, and yummy!
For a minute I thought the nail polish stain is actually blood. Thank goodness. :)