Friday, March 27, 2009

Fab Friday Finds

I came across this most wonderful store called Quatrine sadly well out of reach , so I will live with admiring their beautiful furniture, everything is slipcovered , you know how I love a good slipcover , they are a must. All the white trim work and beautiful wood floors , gorgeous, I had to share.

I found this rug on the other day , Elte is in Toronto . Isn't it great , I am sure it would look amazing in a room , I would love to see that room.

These photos are also from , it is all eye candy to me , because it is inaccessible to me where I live, but it is inspiring.

Look at this pretty , this is such a girl chair I love it .

I hope you have a wonderful weekend in store , good weather on the way for us , thankful for that .
I am finally going to go and get a "REAL" nail gun with compressor , it's a real bargain and has top ratings and reviews , it is about time , with all the work I do and the wrist injuries I have been dealing with , it only seems necessary to buy the right tool.
Happy weekend to you !


Magic Brush said...

I look at this and this how fresh, how pretty, how clean. Then I look at my 3 kids and think.... nope. =)


Lisa said...



Shauna said...

i just love a good white slipcover . weirdly post last night was about white slipcovers! it was funny seeing yours this morning. i found a pretty covered wingback on CL yesterday and snatched it up immediately.. i've been sitting starting at it for hours now, imagining all the spring pillows i'll be making for it. love your blog. take care

Gaston Studio said...

That first photo is so me! I'm preparing this weekend to make slip covers for my chaise lounge and sofa because my 17 year old cat leaves body oils wherever he lays around (and that's pretty much all he does these days!). Body oils like that won't come out so slipcovers are my answer. Wish me luck.

restyled home said...

Brilliant! I have beem looking for the perfect slipcover pattern for a chair in my living room, and that last photo is perfect (It is exactly the shape of my chair)! I love the detailing on the back and I am going to save it to show my seamstress. Thanks for unknowingly solving my design dilemma!!

Now, what do I owe you...?

AEO said...

That chair is so pretty. J'adore the ruffles!

MilkMaid said...

Woo hoo on the nailgun, I look forward to the creations with it! You're gonna love it.

I enjoy a good slipcover do my dang dogs. I could never do white, but they are so pretty.

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Loving the chair with the button detail and wee ruffle. I might just have to attempt something like that one day. Would love to know how you find the nail gun, hoping to get one of those soon, and would appreciate your opinion on brand etc. thanks Happy Spring in Ontario, Yeehaw!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love the chair, but with 4 little grandsons...not sure...but love your blog.

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