Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama Arrives

Obama arrives for a quick visit to Ottawa , and gathers quite a crowd of onlookers aka fan's or admirers , what an exciting event for those who could be there.

He caused quite a stir buying Canada cookies for his girls , he tried to pay , come on , like the owner was gonna let him do that .

Here he is buying a key chain for his children , I love this, what a Dad taking time to bring back keepsakes for his girls , I can not tell you how many times my father went away and not once brought me back anything , so this is very touching to me, my husband always brings our girls back goodies from trips he takes.

The crowds cam out to see Obama , I am quite sure that visits from the former President did not bring and stir so much emotion and excitement, sorry I couldn't have been there too.


Lisa said...



Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

We were home sick today and my oldest noticed that we were home sick during the Presidential Inaug. and again today. Our boys seemed very excited about AirForce One being in OTTAWA! They had so many questions.

TWB said...

Our President is sooooooooo good looking. This is the best looking President America has ever had.

I just had to say it.

. . . and he's a wonderful father.

restyled home said...

I agree with the above commenter!!!

Obama inspires so much confidence...I wish I could have seen him. I remember being in Halifax to shop for a new car a few years back. We drove in to the downtown area and noticed the streets were quite empty and police were redirecting traffic. We parked and walked to the dealership. As we were coming out, a motorcade FLEW by...first motorcycles, then a number of black cars, all with tinted windows. Turns out, it was George Bush (Jr., of course). It was exciting, especially given the drama of how fast they drove by, but there were no crowds lining the streets (at least where we were). It would have been so much more exciting had it been Obama!!!

Still, it was an experience worth remembering!

Our Little Corner of Heaven said...

We were lucky enough to have just had Obama here in AZ just before he came out there to Canada. We got to watch his motorcade, it was very exciting!! Obama is so awesome and I can't help but be moved to tears many times when I hear him speak!


Julia said...

I was there! I ran up to Parliament Hill, missed him by 10 minutes as he was meeting with Harper, but the attitude of the crowds (and police) on the Hill was amazing. I *almost* headed to the Market for lunch (a 10 minute walk away) but decided against it when I kept running into tactical officers blocking every route. I wish I had taken a short-cut, as Obama headed to the Market to buy his cookies. Darn!!! Even though I missed him TWICE, I still tried and am glad I went!