Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Making changes

After yesterday's post about the tv above the fireplace and the adorable shutters , I decided I need that too , only problem was the awful trim that was existing I hate it , always have , so why not deal with it then . I am filling the groves , and I love this pink spackle its so great, it turns white when it is dry .
Today I am applying a second coat , gonna sand it all smooth , prime it paint it .
This weekend I will build shutters , and I will show you depending this weekend or Monday .

I also after seeing the comfy dining area in yesterday's post I wanted to see if it would work for me. Well NO not under the window because I have the chandelier in the center and a decorative thingy , which means I would need to take it down , scrape the ceiling and move the light , that is a bit of a task , so I instead took out two leaves and moved my bench and created a cozier eating space. I like it , it is spacious and cozy too.


Lisa said...



Heidi said...

DR definitely looks comfy sis, and there you go again, finding a cool thing to do, this time the TV area.

I'm STILL in the middle of painting my kitchen cabinets!!

suburban renewal

Karli said...

So, while I am aware that this may sound a little "stalkerish" I am willing to say it anyway. I love your blog. Love it! There I said it, now I will retreat to the lurkdom from which I came.


Lovely Little Nest said...

This is beautiful! :)

restyled home said...

I can't wait to see the finished product! Knowing you, it will be sooo good...

Can you believe CHC is going? Now all we have left is that pretentious Suzanne Dimma and House and Home and Style at Home, which I bet will be next...

Whay am I going to read in the grocery aisle??

mimi said...

Is any of your energy available for sale? I cannot find a replacement for mine anywhere and I am plumb out.

Oh, you are so talented and what a beautiful home and blog. Love it!

Anonymous said...

After reading (and admiring) your blog for the past couple of months, I only have one question: When, exactly, do you sleep? Or eat? Or....anything?

You are very busy. You must have an understanding husband and family!

Amy in CA

Pink Slippers said...

I just want you to know --
I love looking at pictures of your home.
It is so calming.

Saucy said...

I think this is a brilliant move, spackling in those grooves! It will look sharp yet classic.

Your taste is very close to mine, that is why I enjoy peeking at your blog so very much... Keep it up!

Bettsi said...

Hi, I just found you via The Lettered Cottage. Your dining room is lovely! What is the brand and color of your blue paint in that room?