Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A "whiteover"

A "whiteover" .
I did like the aqua color that I had painted about a year ago , but I tired of it quickly , it was too much of a good thing. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing , there is enough blue in that bath , the wall to the right of the sink is all blue glass.

Now do I paint that little green shelf ? Nah!

This is the reason that I decided to get rid of the aqua on the bathroom vanity, it is too close to my jam cupboard which I have not tired so it was an obvious choice paint the bathroom cabinet needed to go white. It's just paint. Although I have wondered whatthe jam cupboard would look like painted green .
So for the record this cabinet, that my husband and I bought with the remaining wedding gift money we received that was left over from our honeymoon which I still love , except I think I NEED to change those hinges , has been burgundy, I wanted cream way back when , but that was not the in thing, so I later painted it white , recently I painted it the Flik and Co. blue , it is a happy color isn't it ? But who's to say it is finished ?
To answer the burning how many coats did it take Question , well it took 6 coats , awful isn't it , but I can not tolerate streaks of uneven finishes , oh well it looks great now and it is worth the work to get a good finish . I should mention that these cabinets were the pinky pickled oak wood cabinets doors, which I choose to paint , I love wood painted doors .


Pink Slippers said...

Wow..must of been a little discouraging at first. It is finally over and looks perfect with your home style.

Momovthree said...

Oh goodness, that was a lot of work with all those coats! It's worth it though when you see it looking fresh and new. I think it looks great. I'm painting some furniture right now and I'm going through the same thing, coat after coat after coat.

I love your blog, you have so many great ideas.

Chrissy said...

It looks great. I liked the aqua, but after seeing the white, it does look cleaner and more classic! Six coats??? I don't have that kind of patience!

Cathy said...

Beautiful! Your decorating is awesome!


AndreaLeigh said...

6 coats, wow! but it looks great now.

My home - My life said...

I like the white. I was never a big white fan before but it is growing on me more and more and I find myself using it in my home more often too!

Anonymous said...

The white looks great and yes that is a happy color for your jam cabinet (for now lol)

Do you have a stripe on your ceiling or is that a shadow ??? Also did you add the extra moulding over your doors ?? I like the look !!!

Kathy :)

Anonymous said...

ps how's the wrist ???

Kathy :)

Elizabeth said...

I have the same vanity in the kids (main) bath and it is pickled (med cabinet too). It is 10 years old, great shape, but yes the pickled finish is dated. It is now going white, thanks to your redo. I wanted it that way for some time but was afraid of doing it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Joanna said...

Looks great! I love the tile as well.

Nantucket Karen said...

I loved the aqua, but I know what you mean about the "burnout" of a good thing! Like the white better and I think the shelf in there really "pops"! You're amazing!

Matt & Sand said...

You are AMAZING...the wood working that you do is incredible. I love your hallway, over the top of the door, and all of your many many projects. I want to be YOU! Keep up the fantastic work; I'm a daily lurker of your blog.
From a Fan in Park City

Chris said...

The wrist was good Kathy but since I had to do some shoveling it is s bit worse than before , Oh Canada right!

Aimee said...

The cabinet looks great! I know what you mean about putting on loads of coats of paint - I hate when paint looks streaky on wood. It drives me nuts!

Hope your wrist is recovering - make sure you don't use it too much!!

meg duerksen said...

looks nice. crisp and clean.
love it.
you are keeping busy as ususal. :)

southernmama said...

YOU ROCK, where do you get the energy? do you ever get tired? i have several cabinets in our old home, that have seen many coats of paint. doors don't shut properly, wood detailing has been lost and filled with paint. how can i paint my cabinets and not make things worse by adding more paint? and, what sort of paint do you you for all your whites?


limefreckle said...

I just don't understand where you get your energy! I've been a lurker here for awhile, I just love what you actually inspired me to paint my stairs! What a crazy job that was....don't know that I want to do that again! I love to read your stories....take care of your wrist!


jacker said...


Jen said...

Chris - I've been following your blog for a while, but haven't commented much. I want to paint a room in my house a beautiful light robin's egg blue and would love to know the color your blue walls are. I love your bathrooms and dining room blues. Do you mind sharing the color? I've searched on your blog and cannot find it. Thanks in advance!

Jaz said...

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