Friday, January 30, 2009

I have a complaint

Wake up .
Feed kids breakfast
Make lunch
Get kids off to school
Make coffee
Check google reader
Feed dogs
Feed frog
Pour coffee
Day officially begins
So my complaint is this , in what kind of a world do these two things happen on the same day? seriously I was reading google reader and Layla from The Lettered Cottage mentions how she picked daffodils for her mothers arrival , are you kidding me! My backyard is officially half way FULL of snow, the snow banks are at least 5-7 feet tall , it is near impossible to turn a corner on the streets because if the height of snow and someone's January day can start with daffodil picking , COME ON!
Just woke up to hear Buffalo is getting 18 more inches of snow by Tuesday , which means it will travel right over Lake Ontario and dump on us too . Of course Buffalo shuts down the city whenever there is a storm , cracks me up actually, they close daycares, schools churches , we close NOTHING , ok maybe the buses won't run , but everything is OPEN baby ! we are a hearty bunch us Canadian's.

That is enough that is my little rant , I have never seen this much snow , its getting to me.

Who know's what this is ??? ANYBODY? want to guess???????



Sorry to add to your aggrevation about the snow but here in S. Fl. we are having a heat wave, yesterday was a record high in the 80's, YUCK!! I could use just a little bit of your snow!! I was looking at your prev post, I can't believe that took 6 coats, the same thing happened to me when I did my kitchen cab's but I had alot more of them to paint! Is it the white paint? I blamed it on the brand of paint and swore I would never use it again ); I have no clue what the gadget is, but since we are on the paint subject, I will guess a paint bucket?? I really have no idea, LOL.

Traci said...

I know, I is a thing that when you pull the string, it blow a BIG PUFF of AIR! Now, as to the name.....have no idea...thingimajiggie...yeah, that's it.

Ok, and I had no idea you were in CANADA!!!

restyled home said...

We eastern Canadians are a much wimpier sort, I guess. My kids get the day off for 10-15 cm, guaranteed! They have had a day off or more every week since back to school!!

At least your alone...enjoy that coffee!!


Traci said...

Ok, it was driving me nuts....I found it...AIRZOOKA....ok, I can die happy now!!!

Mrs. Limestone said...

So funny because people from Buffalo tell New Yorkers how weak we all are about snow.

SweDaisy said...

I feel your snow pain. I posted a few days ago about making a habit, especially in the winter to buy some flowers from the grocery store once a month. It's only $10-$15 and a fresh bouqet of flowers on the island or maybe a few little ones around the house really cheer me up. Plus they last at least 2 weeks, sometimes 3.

As for the 'gadget' well first I thought it was some super fantastic cake mold, but when Traci answered with such excitement I figured she was right and googled it. Now why on earth do you have an Airzooka?

Chris said...

The airzooka is my husbands , and boy is it good clean fun , I love to use it on the dogs it'sso funny.

Joanna said...

How funny..The other day I posted about morning routines. I used to not have one, but I have started (not that long ago, just a few days to a week). So far I have done everything that I listed. Life just seems to run smoother when you have a system that you stick to every morning. As far as the flower picking...I don't know where she is at, but here in FL it's been warm...Unseasonably warm, and well a lot of my flowering trees had started to bloom. So who knows...I just wished that we had snow!

Alison said...

one of our boys got an airzooka last christmas. w/in a few weeks it was broken b/c they were trying to pull it back TOO far!! they loved shooting each other with air.

as for the snow--did you see on the news how Pres. Obama was mocking DC for shutting down for a little ice or snow when Chicago needs a blizzard before they'll close anything.

Marcie said...

It is a snow fort bucket builder

Cathy said...

It's a spotlight!! Brr that snow makes me cold but I would love to have just a little bit for a few days. Y'all stay warm and well.



briouxt said...

O, I have decided that I need to move to the East - at least a day off every week??? I am a teacher in the wrogn province I guess. Our school needs to be buried in snow and thick ice before the school board here does anything- and even then, they just cancel the busses. Hmmm... I am still praying for a snow day this year. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Your backyard looks just like our backyard. We can barely see our Muskoka chairs either. Surprise, surprise, it's snowing again right now. Know what you mean about the snow banks in the driveways and the difficulty seeing around corners too. Gotta love lake effect snow.

Darlene said...

HOLY COW...I came over from Our Creative Life and I can't believe all your snow!!!! WOW! I went browsing through your blog and your home is FABULOUS! I plan on stopping back and browsing back further.

Carrie said...

Wow I would love some snow. I have only seen it once and that was when I was little and defintly not that much. There is a heat wave where we are now its been 44C which is about 111F all week and looks like its not going to let up. Just love your house defintly getting some inspiration. Thanks

jo said...

Hey- I live in Buffalo and I am a teacher and driving to school day after day in horrible driving conditions!!! We have had three snow days since Dec. They were all really bad storms, too. I drove to school in a white out this morning-- taking the infamous skyway along the lake. It took my husband over two hours to get my son home from school this afternoon- and we live about 25 minutes from the school- we keep getting these bursts of snow and the streets are not plowed. There is no where left to put it...Several years ago we had such a terrible storm during the school day that hundreds of kids(including my daughter) got stuck overnight in school and many small children were stuck on busses for hours and hours in the city. I think the city schools don't want to take a chance like that again. Also, our side streets in the city don't get plowed till last and many of the kids walk to school- another reason why the city closes the schools.
Anyway-- I love your decorating ideas and I have a lot of the beachy look here in my home in the tundra. Think spring!! said...

I'm sick of the snow too! I'm in southern Michigan and the roads have been HORRIBLE this year ... I thought there were vehicles called "snow-plows" but I haven't been seeing any this year. We're in the country and have to fend for ourselves I guess. I enjoy your blog! I guess we can all pray for an early SPRING!

DomesticDivasFancy said...

Oh my word I have no idea what that it. It ...I am not even going to guess because I have no idea! ;)

Pearl Maple said...

Sorry to hear about the snow frustrations but we are Canadian eh! Posted some pics on my blog of what a Canadian gets up to when down under in the tropics.

Guessing the yellow thingy is a flour shifter?

deborah said...

I too am sick of the snow and constant cold bone-chilling non-stop constant crummy arctic front that will NOT stop blowing it's madness in! Another six inches today; followed by the Nor'easter that's coming in on Tuesday. I'm in the Syracuse area. Oh, I'm thinking that is something you make snow formations for Igloos from??

And definitely keep the green cupboard. love it

Lorie said...

My brother in law has one of those airzookas! They are SO FUN!!

Sarah Ada said...

I am so sad you have so much snow. We've been having the perfect winter here so far. Actually a bit too warm for me, as I love my woolies.
Southern California is very beautiful in the winter months, but I wish I lived in Canada in the summer fer sure, eh oh!
I've told my friends about your blog and style and they love it! They said we're a lot alike, what a compliment to me! I wish!
Hope the snow melts soon!

Kim said...

I'm so not kidding when I say that in Tennessee we get out if they say chance of snow! That is the only kind of snow we get - the "chance" kind. I read that too about the flowers. Here, ours are not blooming till about the second week of Feb. - she must live a little further south.

Wendy said...

is it one of those things I don't know what they are called but you pull something back and a gush of wind comes out.

splendid said...