Friday, November 21, 2008

My bathroom

I almost forgot this little area this is my little floating shelf I use it for the perfume I never use because I am very allergic to most smells. The Q-tip container I love, I lot it at a flea market 16 years ago for maybe a dollar , the painting do I dare admit it my creation.
Have I ever shown you my bathroom , I don't recall I have done over 400 posts so who can remember these things.
I have done little things to improve this room , I have toyed with many details to add but have concentrated on the main floor of my house , but it is time to turn some attention on the spaces my husband and I share .
What I like is that it is a good sized room , I also like the floor tile , it is a small sized grey texture tile my husband picked and it works and is very neutral . The counter space is great I can't complain about that , I painted these cabinets from oak to the white , love that , changed the knobs to crystal and chrome , great .
I changed the make-up lighting you know the strip of bulbs to this bronze Restoration hardware inspired fixture from Home depot .

I removed the giant slab mirror and replaced it with these deep moulded round mirrors from the Superstore /grocery store , gorgeous . Those are the things I like/love.

This is one feature that drives me nuts, the hole , it is a dust collector , who would sit there , I have had a curtain on this area to hide stuff , but that didn't work well at all . Below I will show you my newest little project for this area . I should have in hind sight added more drawers .

Oh this I like too , my towel rack , I made this out of scrap MDF and hooks from Home Depot , I hate towel bars , hooks work much better for me .

This is my addition . I will add these two gorgeous legs to the bottom of the drawer area to make it look more intentional , I will also add a shelf area for baskets under the drawers . It will look so much better I am sure of that . And I had these laying around in my basement so this is a free improvement , Love that .

I have a list as long as my arm of improvements for this room

  • new sink and faucet

  • new shower faucets

  • marble ledge around the tub

  • skirting the tub with beadboard

  • adding a substantial header around the shower/tub enclosure

  • new trim around the window

  • glass enclosure for the tub (fantasy wish list )

  • marble counter (fantasy wish list )

  • adding beadboard to the ceiling

  • adding trim work 3/4 of the way up the wall all around the room

That is just about it !

This is what has happened in my area of the world , that right it is the dreaded snow season , it doesn't seem to phase the kids one bit , in fact they get up early and get all bundled up in snow gear , crazy kids! don't they know how much I hate snow, to any of you that don't get to experience this wonder , I know how can I hate it ?

  • I hate being cold

  • shovelling hurts my back

  • it make the house extra messy with all the wet stuff coming on and melting = puddles

  • it is slippery to drive in

  • scrapping my car takes extra time

I just am not a winter girl , trust me if I could choose I choose a warm state hey how about an island?


Anonymous said...

Well Chris I feel your pain I hate snow too !!! We had flurries here in the NE but they didn't stick although the Cape had some that did.

Your bathroom is adorable, can't wait to see what you do with those legs.

Sending you warm wishes for the week-end,
Kathy :)

Natalie said...

Your bathroom is dreamy. And I'd be proud if those were my paintings! Can't remember where I saw it...might've been gardenweb, or maybe RMS...but someone had added shelves to that hole which held baskets for additional storage. I thought it was genious.

As for mine, I havet a bench in there which isn't used. And the bench I found that would fit in that space doesn't even go with the look of the rest of the bathroom. It's too ornate, where as my bathroom has a sleek transitional style.

I'm excited to see what you come up with :).

Ivy Lane said...

Love the soothing colors in your bath! It's windy and very snowy here too! Biting cold... But I really don't mind, get to keep the fire going and start the Christmas decorating :)

JenLo said...

I hear you with the winter complaining! I am with you all the way for the very same reasons! I love your bathroom ideas. Maybe I can get inspired to spruce up mine a little bit.

julie said...

I would love to see each project as you do them! I love what you already have and what is on your to do list! Keep the pix coming! Julie

paperjunk-lc said...

Ton answer your question who would sit there...I'm one of those women who sits and puts on her makeup. I think once you start putting on your face while seated you hate going back to the stand routine. I have an antique bench in bathroom. Love all of your light colors. Have great weekend.

Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful bathroom - I love the stripes on the walls and the lovely colors. It reminds me of the colors of seaglass.

The Mrs said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE using hooks instead of a towel bar. Towels just don't seem to get hung up on a bar. Hooks just make it so much easier.