Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is exactly what I can carve out of my workroom / laundry room , when the construction phase starts , I guess I am still well within the planning stage .

I love all of these chalkboard ideas .

I have to say these are a very affordable and good looking option for my table ,they have adjustable heights which is such a great feature, they don't offer the storage that I have in mind though.
I have come up with a design that will use plywood sheets cut to create the legs for my table including two generous spots for shelving that will hold baskets . I will cover the plywood with beadboard and trim .


Meredith said...

Have you seen the chalkboard stickers? I used them on the back of my pantry door, in my office and in my daughters room. They are really nice because you can peel them off and move them around if you want.

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

I'm loving everything that is inspiring you. I just know your space is going to be simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

I have not heard of chalkboard stickers, I wonder where you get them ???

Kathy :)

Kim said...

Hi there - here is a post from my blog re: craftrooms

perhaps something will inspire you here - I think there may be some additional storage ideas that would suit your your blog too! I also love all things beach but my house is not looking as lovely as yours (yet..that it is...)

meg duerksen said...

all very inspiring indeed. i love the chalkboard ideas. really love them!
and i really truly adore your table legs for your bathroom. do you have more that you want to mail to kansas? :)

snow already? yuck. i was thinking we may get some soon too. i am so not ready for that.

happy friday.

Pearl Maple said...

Like your inspiration and ideas, always amazing to see what other people come up with and fun to think of new ways we can work with our own space.