Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What is on your list today

For me lately every day seems to have a sound track , not a fun hip hop beat , but a tick tick ticking.....
Today has gone a little like this
- I got the kids off to school
-home to work out
-get to the grocery store to buy lunch stuff
-go back home make lunch
-bring lunch to school , while there vote in the Federal election
-off for the most relaxing facial which includes quite a massage, this was a gift from a wonderful lady
-go purchase my first pair of SPANX , gosh I hope the deliver
now we are here at 12:00 a quick veggie lunch , and then I will get some painting in , tonight I will do a little sewing , pillows and hemming closet curtains as well as wash all the slipcovers in the house , that is a big job .
tick tick tick .....
So how is your day going so far???


Lindsay said...

you won't be disapointed by the spanx! love them!

SweDaisy said...

Hey Chris,

THe curttain rod looks great. Definate improvement. I love all the detail and trim work in your home. It makes such a difference. The farm looks so fun, hopefully someday soon I will be able to take my kids to a cool farm like that too. To do list run my life, I have a lot to get done and never seems to remember it all. Thank goodness for my blackberry.

Take a look at my blog later, we are working on a storage pantry in the basement.

Take care,

Momma to Bug said...

Sadly, most of what is on my list has to do with all of the cleaning that I need to do. It's a never ending job at my house with two big dogs and a three year old. Other than that I have some packing to do for vacation so all projects are on hold for the next couple of weeks!

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Lately my days consist of much of the same. Up entirely too early, run around like a mad woman, get the kids out the door and race to work. Work feverishly at warp speed for many hours, race back home, pick up kids, throw dinner together, fall down, go boom. Get up and do it all over again. Thank goodness it's temporary.

meg duerksen said...

gotta love the spanx.
it brings me down a size for sure.
you will love them.

i am determined to got to bed at a decent time so i am not so tired tomorrow.

sophie's room is super cute!

Jen said...

Hey, it looks like you would be the perfect addition to my new project. Check out http://www.behindtherefrigeratordoor.blogspot.com/ for the info. I'd ♥ some input from you!