Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cold weather nesting

I have given into the fact that it is getting colder , today and yesterday it has been raining and cloudy , I felt it was time to put together a cold weather look . I went with a deep chocolate brown sheet set. I searched all over for a pretty duvet cover , couldn't find one I liked , I am not a big fan or all solids I find that very flat , so I made due with what I already have for now , I will have to keep my eye out for just the right patterned duvet cover , until then I will use the medium blue velvet coverlet and white duvet cover at the foot of the bed. I pulled out the mocha shams I have , and bought two new medium brown pillows to replace all my white and blue shabby chic style ones I love but need a break from.

What do you do for the cold months , how does your nest change. I don't want to hear how it is warm all year round for you , it will only make me sad.
Oh while shopping for bedding I saw the most beautiful brown Christmas tree with lots of teal it was a stunner. I will go back and get a photo to show you all , it should not be missed.


Chrissy said...

HI... I so know what you mean, we went to Aberfoyle flea market today and it was sooooo cold there.I have been "winterizing" our house too, lots of warm blankets I bought in Ireland,pinecones oh and I just got the nicest Yankee candle, "HOILDAY BAYBERRY" smells like a pine tree!!!Oh, the joys of living in Canada.... have a great week.

Michelle said...

I love the warm and cozy. I'm dying to see what that brown Christmas tree looks like! :)


Kandi said...

I love to see your pictures. always gives me inspiration! I tend to pull out the darker colors also. cranberries and rusts for oct, nov.. but you have all the holiday decorating to look forward to!|

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Well, here in Chicagoland it definitely gets cold. I have learned that I LOVE to change things, so as I'm doing all my renovating, everything is getting painted neutral colors and I'm buying slipcovered furniture to allow for lots of change. In the master bedroom (my current reno-room) The walls are going to be 2 shades of cream, and I'm going to swap out bedding to meet my moods. Chocolate browns and all the wonderful colors like burnt orange and olive green for the fall, perhaps cranberry for deep winter months, lighter colors for spring and summer. That's also why the kitchen and bathrooms will be white as well.
Chocolate brown and blue is my favorite combination.

tardevil said...

The room looks great. Can't remember where you live, but if you have a Michael's, they have a teal/brown color scheme this year that you should check out...if you get the chance!

Angie said...

Your bedroom looks so warm and cozy! Beautiful!!!

Simply Dandy said...

Well I absolutely am loving warmer colors for our farmhouse....I can't believe what a different feel it has now and with the black accents I've added....I definitely need the bolder colors.


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