Sunday, September 28, 2008


I think this may be the one , the dark finish the clean lines , I love it , I think it would be the perfect addition . And the price I found it at locally is $208.00
I love a gorgeous light here are some of the best.

I am adoring this fixture .
A hand touched take on a trendy beauty , I love the vintage fixture and hand wrapped cream ribbon shade.
The crowning glory .

A beautiful copy.
Shabby chic heavenly blue
White or black ??? I am loving the white.
My fave ship fixture , pure fantasy .

I thought you would enjoy some pure eye candy .


Layla said...

I know, I'm ADDICTED to the website. is good too.
Thanks for sharing these GREAT photos!

The Lettered Cottage

karlene said...

I too love the fixtures you have chosen. I am currently looking for lighting myself for my store remodel. I like the ceiling fixture, where is that from. And, I like the white chandelier better than the black. If you have a moment, check out I love their branchelier, am considering that, and if you have a moment, check out my light choices on my blog.

Jennifer said...

Oh I love the one with the aqua beads that would be perfect for my kitchen.Have a wonderful day,Jen

Mrs. Limestone said...

Love the fixture you've picked...simple and elegant!

Ive seen that ship one - Im really curious who has this hanging in their house. Someone had to buy at least one, right?


I just love chandeliers!! I can't get enough of them!! I like the white one and the one with the aqua glass the best.

Saucy said...

I lurrve light fixtures. That crown one is JUICY and would look divine in a swanky little boutique over the cash register... or in my own dressing room!

Jersey Girl in DC said...

I love all of these and have been checking out some chandeliers online - more like wishful thinking since we don't really have the right space for one in our too-small condo. My favorite is the ship chandelier! :)

Jen said...

Ahhhhh! pure joy!

meg duerksen said...

you know how much i love chandeliers!
it just makes a room so much more special. so much sparkly goodness!

these are gorgeous!