Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wonderland, house warming and antique's

What in the world is this well of course it is a string holder , you know doesn't everyone have a few of these around the house, so funny , I have never seen these before , they are quite charming , some were quite pricey this one was $45 but they went up to $95 so I passed today when I saw it at the antique market , we stopped at my favourite place to shop and favourite place to go for an outing ever on the way home from Todd's sisters house warming party a couple of hours away , we all had a great time and got a break from our dogs for the night and had a lot of laughs.
The Aberfoyle Antique market , it is the oldest outdoor antique market , it is so fun to scour the vendor's wares, lots of great deals , it is never a good idea to go there with out a good deal of storage space , you never know what you will find. This long weekend for us was quite a busy and fun filled one , Friday we went to Canada's Wonderland a big theme park full of roller coasters which the kids are finally brave enough and big enough to ride , it was a great day of trying new things for our children , when darkness came the park was truly magical like a carnival the kids loved it , it really is a different place at night , we will be going back very soon when the weather cools, 90 degrees was a bit hot for big lineups but we had a fun filled day despite my poor choice of foot wear, should have worn the good flip flops.
Off to the market then:
Wouldn't that make the nicest island?
Yard sticks , lots of yard sticks.
Lovely old lounge chairs in need of new covers.

Sophie's treasure was an old shedding toy dog for $4.00.
This table has my name written all over it , $35 can see it now after a coat or two of paint.
They had tons of these sea horses , wouldn't they look great painted aqua???
Look a fishing rod holder , isn't that the creepiest thing you have ever seen , its hoofs, yucky yuck yuck.

I really need to take more pictures of our trips , but I like to enjoy them without a camera in my face .
Mason after a 50 minute wait in line , she will not do that again , she said it wasn't worth it , too slow. I had to take a picture of these deserts ,I knew you would want to see them too, I have seen them on blogs but never had one , don't know what they are called , anyone know?? they are great , and so pretty all lined up , they are basically little cake bites with fillings all different flavours, these were from Tracy and Andrew's house warming party , remember the mudroom makeover it was their mudroom , the house is well broken in now and looks great , congrats guys.


Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

I think those cookies are called macaroons. It looks like you guys had fun antiquing! Can't wait to see what you'll do with that table!

Kim said...

they look like mini-moonpies!!

Momma to Bug said...

I'm wishing I could buy one of those sea horses! If you have time, check out my completed master bedroom makeover.
Thanks for all of your advice!

ROXY said...

My husband and I also went antiquing this weekend. We went to the huge indoor market not too far fron our home. I will have to post my finds later on:) Glad you had fun this weekend:)

Willow Decor: said...

Cookies are filled macaroon, I think! Yummy!

Deb said...

Looks like such a fun place to shop and stroll and shop and stroll. I would have probably spent way too much money there and gotten into trouble.

My mom brought some of those macaroons from Paris. YUMMO!!! Quite expensive apparently.

LB said...

Mmmm! Yummy Macaroons! And they are beautiful too!

Layla said...

Wow. I would have LOVED to been there. Looks like a lot of eye candy!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

I love those old yardsticks. I collect the old ones that foldup. That looks like such a fun amusement park. Thanks for coming by and letting me know about the Ikea sofa...I can't wait to visit one...closest one to me Portland. cherry


Hi Chris,
You had asked me if my ceiling was yellow. No it isn't but it does look like it in that pic, for some reason in that pic everything took on a golden hue. I snapped both shots one after the other. The first one shows more of the true colors. I actually like the creamy yellow though, I might have to try that.LOL. I can't wait to see more of you Pic's, how is everything coming along in your newly painted room? Did you find something for your wall above your love seat?

Tausha said...

I must confess, I have been lurking for a while. i am pretty sure that I have read every single post that you have ever writtten. I promise I am not a stalker-I just love your style and all your ideas! I am going to steal a few of them! I love to come here in the morning cause then you inspire me to get my butt going!
Congreats on pursuing the dream! it's really way too fun to do something that you love and get paid to do! It rocks! The first time someone gives you a check and cries cause they love how it looks-doesn't get better than that. Who knew getting paid could be so gratifying!
I am sure that you are thinking, what the heck is she talking about. I have my own RE-decoarting busninss with my mom. It is so not work-and it really is awesome to be able to make their house a home! Good luck!

Leigh said...

Hey Chris! It is my frist time here. Cute blog. Love the name. I will be back to check, drop by the island if you get a chance...

Saucy said...

Those are Italian macaroons! So pretty!

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