Wednesday, August 20, 2008

beautiful inspiration

I can not even imagine a room this large dedicated to utility , I can only imagine the size of the other rooms in this home. Can we say house keeper frequents this home.
I love this kitchen so pretty , love the grey , a colour like that needs good light .
What a charming home , all that outdoor space to enjoy , the picket fence.
This is a charming kitchen , love every inch.
Again a lovely grey kitchen ,


Nikki said...

The grey is surprisingly quite nice.

My home...My life... said...

Those pics are great and I agree with you on all of them. I was never a white/grey person when it comes to decorating and wall color etc... But I have to say that those colors are some of my new favorites. White is so cleanm, crisp, fresh! Love it... thanks for sharing.

meg duerksen said...

i love all of these.

if i didn't have a white kitchen i'd have a black kitchen.
not that any of these are black...
just thought i'd tell you. :)

Pink Slippers said...

I love your chalkboard door. OMGosh. Great idea.
Your pictures are of some pretty kitchens. I at times complain that my house is REALLY small but, I would really hate to clean a huge house like that utility room. Only if I had a housekeeper that liked to scrub.

Susan said...

I love the outside of that house. If it was at the beach it would be perfect.

I'm having a giveaway if you get a chance come see me.

Katrina Chambers said...

Can you imagine a laundry that size! OMG. I have added that kitchen (with the shabby island) to my favs. I just love it! Did you decide on your wall colour?

Jersey Girl in DC said...

I LOVE the re-painted chairs! They look so great painted black! :)