Friday, June 27, 2008

devine cupcakes

Todd pick up these Divine confections in Toronto at that very special nut free bakery amazing work , this is butter creme icing , with vanilla cupcake , they got the hot pink just right , I need to know just how much work goes into these, when Todd picked them up they asked him where they were going , to put them on the floor of his car , to get them into a fridge asap they wanted these babies properly cared for .
Well worth the effort and cost , they will be eaten today by Sophie and her little friends when we go to the movies to see Wall-E tonight , happy weekend all .
Today is my sweet mason's birthday she is turning 10 today , wow , double digits.


restyled home said...

Were those cupcakes from the little shop we saw at the end of our shopping trip? They are so pretty!

Happy Birthday to Mason...when is Sophie's?

Anonymous said...


Happy B'day Mason.

Kathy :)

Kim said...

OMG - I could almost taste them!!