Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring cleaning run a muck

Look at all this Martha Stewart paper, blue and gold wood grain , pink velum, and pink tissue, each roll a mere $1.50 , compared to the original price of $12.00 a roll. yippee I love this kind of thing.
I washed my dining room drapes and I have unearthed my "dirty little secret" I have no where to put my vacuum's really with the exception of my basement and I vacuum a lot and that wouldn't work for me to have to lug them up and down, so I hide them behind my dining room drapes ,you would never know they are there, I know it's such small living trick, but it is working , until I buy the much needed storage cabinet for our upstairs landing.
Here is what happens when spring cleaning goes wrong, I washed my drapes , for the first time, followed the directions dried them hanging and fluffed them in the dryer to get rid of that awful stiff crunchy look, horror , they shrunk 3 inches , they are useless.
So I have a dilemma , either I add fabric to lengthen them , buy a new rod that has bigger rings and install it a bit lower, but I like them higher it raises the ceiling visually, or buy new drapes, but the color works and I like them ,so may a combo add the fabric at the bottom and new rod ?
How annoying though I just wanted to have them clean.....see what I get for going the extra mile.

This is a Silestone counter sample, it is grey amazon, I liked it because it looks like cement and even a tad like soapstone, you can see my current selection is faux granite laminate, yuck, it's ok at best , but I would love to have a nice clean look for our counters, I do a lot of baking and this would provide a smooth and cold surface great for rolling out dough . Just thinking here , I am not sold yet. Carrera marble would be nice too , I wonder what the cost would be.


Mrs. Limestone said...

Hiding the vacuum in the drapes is an awesome idea. I think I may have to steal that from you!

hqm said...

The drape shrinking happen to me, too! I just threw them in the dryer (suggested by my MIL) and the fabric shrunk, the lining did not...looks TERRIBLE! Someday I'll fix them...someday!

Anonymous said...

I think its a great idea too, to hide the vacumme..Im going to do this...! i have the same problem I put it away in the laundry room (on the bottom floor) only when company is coming over, but leave it on the main floor and just push it around out of my way daily! sometimes I tuck behind the plant in the dinning room - lol!
we were going to do siletone too in our kitchen, however granite was almost the same price when we went through a private contracter..

Emily said...

I've been a 'lurker' for awhile now, I'm just finally getting around to posting a comment!

I've really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all the projects you've taken on. Your house looks fantastic, very inspiring!

Stephanie said...

That Silestone sample would look beautiful in your kitchen! I'm probably going with Silestone after my cabinets are done. Yes, I'm still in the middle of painting them!

Kim said...

the trick with your curtains and the vacuum - hahaha!!! I need to keep that in mind!!

And I have that exact same "faux" countertop - I detest it!!! I'm too trying to figure out what to do to replace it!!

Cote de Texas said...

I;m looking at your drapes - I like them high - dont go lower - maybe get a larger rod and larger rings - measure in the store to see if it's 3 more inches. If not - then get new drapes - your drapes add so much to your kitchen - I'd add to see you add fabric to them.

Price out carrara marble - it may not be that much more expensive than what you picked. but do you have an island? go with carrara on the island only if you can't afford it everywhere and put black slate on the counters. gorgeous!

Mrs. Jones said...

Great idea for hiding the vacuum. Very creative.

I wouldn't lower the curtains either. Is the hem generous enough that you could take it out and then sew a really small hem? Personally, I would add a strip of fabric or a wide ribbon at the bottom. If you add fabric, I think it looks good to make the fabric strip 1/3 of the entire length of the curtain. That's my 2cents.