Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I had to show you this

I am not sure of the prices of these pieces but look how lovely.

I love this bookcase with doors , couldn't you easily find a spot for it , I believe it is just over $500.00 , don't for get to check places like Home Depot Online for deals like these.

Look at these fantastic pieces from Home Depot Canada, the top one is $649.00
This one is $529.00
This one is $649.00 I can not believe what a great deal these are , and how do you decide ? Way to go.


Mrs. Limestone said...

Home Depot sells furniture? What is going on in that country of yours? :)

I love that first one!!

Becca said...

Oooh! I love that bookcase too! I could definately find a spot for that at my house. Yummy!

restyled home said...

Home depot?? No way!!??!!

Thanks for the heads up...those are beauties!


Mrs. Limestone said...

Is that first tufted damask round ottoman from Home Depot too?

chriskauf said...

Yes it is from HomeDepot , $298.00 33 inches depth, 17 inches high. So cute.

Katrina said...

I had no idea Home Depot sold furniture! And it's so pretty! They even sell it here in the States. Thanks for the great tip!