Friday, January 25, 2008

Sofa feast

These are absolutely my kind of sofa's the kinds I would love right now, but my sofa's are fine and plentiful, but when our sofa's wear out and are pitiful , we would like to buy some quality sofa's, which Iwe have never had, we go for more of the basic bargain great style washable type, I still believe in slipcovers as you can see, couldn't function without them, kinda easily disposable after 10 years of vigorous use. Actually I am looking into having a slipcover made locally for a 5 year old settee that is showing too much wear , its kinda gross, and my hubby seems disgusted by it. Mitchell Gold Even though I love this color I would opt for a grey linen, or heavy cream color. It just looks so comfortable.
Dr. Pitt , funny, I know the perfect house for this sofa, its not mine but I do know of one.When I see this , although it is slip covered , and washable, knowing how long it takes to wash a complete set of slipcovers this one would surely take days.
I can't say how much I love this chair we really could use a chair like this for the front room, I however opted for another practical purchase.
This Alex II is for sure the best in the land for me boxy , slip covered, white, sheer perfection.

I would really love a chaise someday too, for my bedroom maybe , if I move my seldom used exercise machine to the basement I might even have room for one.
I will now have oh 9 years to save up for these decadent purchases which will be no where to be found.


Mrs. Limestone said...

Wow, that Mr. Pitt couch is huge. I don't think I know enough people to sit on it at once :) said...

i am so glad you commented! i had found your blog before and loved all your tile work and all of your house. but then couldn't remmeber where i had seen it!
we are going to do a bathroom and your tile work inspires me. are you trained at all or self taught? i keep thinking we could do this and save so much money but my husband isnt' so sure....
so what do you think?
not for looks but for comfort...i choose dr. pit. all 7 of could watch a movie at once. or think of the sleepover parties your kids could have!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I LOVE my Mitchel Gold.......and I love it even more that I found the couch and chair at a garage sale for $700 in a buttercream yellow. I wish it was a bit more squared....I can't find it on thier site anymmore, cuz I would love to get another set of covers someday.

eva said...

Well to quote all about this blog i would say that "GREAT BLOG".. Recently i had purchased a new brand sofa which cost me around $1000 and as the matter of fact it is just more than a sofa.. I feel tremendously great.