Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bits and pieces

What a suck of a dog, all wrapped up , I guess 7:00am is just too early for him...
Linda this is for you , the outdoor shower just waiting for some kind of beachy enclosure,$39.00 do I have to tell you its from Home Depot, our hose sits in the sun all day so I know we will have warm water for a quick rinse, I will see tonight if I can scoop one for myself.

The berries look so pretty I just had to take that picture.

The weather in southern ontario has been sublime, pure summerso the girls broke out the water balloons and their bikinis, isn't Sophie's white ruffle just the cutest ,oh my gosh , she won't shimmy dance for me, she is the pickiest with her clothes, since she was 8 months old, yes I mean it, at 8 months if I tried to put shoes on that she didn't like she would point at the ones she did like, Sophie is a 13 yr old trapped in an almost 6 yr old body , daily her room is scattered with a vast array of clothes well outfits that didn't pass the test, I stay out of it , its her thing.
Today is a quiet day just two toodlers to watch , my kids are off at school, by 10:00am they are drenched with sweaty heads from playing in the yard, this early summer reminds me of when I was expecting my first child , so we played with some ponytails and barrette's cute, I am sure they won't last.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Great video to share

I just wanted to put up a link to this wonderful video , that shows children talking about their food allergies, I think my Sophie thinks she is the only one , she doesn't know a single soul with a food allergy, it is a great perspective to hear what it is like from a child.I really need to start a child food allergy support group.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The end is near

I have stepped back from my upstairs landing, it is so close to finished and I thought my previous photos did not do it justice so I would post an update, the trim is up but not finished , I am content to leave the finishing for a little while , I need a break.The newel post is trimmed and painted and I am very pleased we made the decision to change it from the one that was there after all we never did like it so why keep it, wow what will be left of the origional house when I finally make this house the way I want it??

The yard is coming along, the green and blue scheme is keeping me very happy, which reminded me of this most vintage looking fabric I saw a couple of years ago at al local fabric store, why did I think they still had the bolt , well frankly it is UGLY but a nice ugly , no one else could see its good quallities , I was sure of that ,and boy was I right , it was $1.30 a yard so the whole thing modeled by my daughters was $10.00 , incredible, I will make curtains for the playhouse, a pillow for my hammock , trow pillows for the backyard and my other hidden outdoor space my upstairs porch which is very neglected and needs some attention.My dirty little secret is out I have the worst lawn , but it will be gone in time, I hate it , I want all the grass to be hardscape, in time.

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day gardening ,again, ruinging my feet , so on this most gloomy day I decided to get myself in for a pedicure, my second ever, I will have to make that a regular occurance, an hour and tewnty minutes being taken care of what a treat. It has been a lazy weekend , I should do this more often, you too.

Friday, May 25, 2007


I have yet discovered all the things my new Kodak V803 can do , last night I found it has a black and white setting, what fun,the only complaint is the manual is very vague,lacking in direction, but I will play and figure it out. I am finding that through my picture taking I have a great perspective on how good my life has turned out , not for the things I am taking photos of but the life and the people that exists around it .
The little girls that doesn't belong to me with the blue eyes is one of my daycare charges Faith , how much does she look like Boo from Monsters Inc.???

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hot summer days...

Well ok its not summer but if sure fells like it 27 degrees beautiful, that's Dolce enjoying the sun from the back door , he is actually sleeping,he is pure sweet.
Sorry for the repeat picture but I needed to show my new window box with a before and after, yesterday I bought a 3 foot box, stained it planted it , then on my return for additional soil i noticed the shop had a 4 foot box, so I needed to get the larger size, I have always wanted a window box for that location, but the prebuilt ones I have always disliked , of course I was planning to build one myself , but never got around to it, I am glad I waited and my mistake of buying a small one is working out for me, now I will have one window box to look over out of my kitchen window, things are really coming together this time around. Now who is going to dig up that awful grass...?
Yes my car matches my house think that's an accident:)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Glitter party

This weekend my children relentlessly harassed me to work on their invitation cards,they were born on June 26th and June 27th so we have always shared there birthday well really Sophie would just join along in her sisters parties, but I always said when they didn't want to share the celebration that we would not , so last summer Sophie had her first solo birthday party,she new exactly what she wanted , but this year they both want an animal theme so it would be better to have one large party for the both girls and their friend , so I have arranged for an animal lady to come, she will brgin tree frogs, reptiles , snakes, skinny pigs , and other furry creatures, I am very much looking forward to it, not that I like the creapy crawlies, but for my kids I will do it.
So to my dismay and after an exhausting weekend the invitations are finally done pink for Sophie green for Mason, with the help of my new finds Martha Stewart line of craft supplies it was pure glitter pleasure, finally a fine tip glue made for glitter and the finest glitter I have ever had the pleasure to own, I need to find more things to glitter,I am sure the party will be spattered with glittered delights.
I am very thrilled to throw a big bash for my girls, cupcakes , dancing , a huge outdoor tent , animals, a four foot tall frog and 25 little ones in the yard before 6 am ,shh don't tell that's a suprise, and sparklers for everyone, I wanted fireworks but it turns out that you can not have fireworks on a date other that long weekend holidays.This will surely be a festive event.
We will see about the fireworks...I love children's birthday party planning.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time well spent...

I have been enjoying my new camera an I have some nice outdoor things to capture right now, i am drinking in as much outdoor time and fresh air and sunshine as I can.

May long weekend

Here I sit at 6:15 am , which must be a cruel joke because I am an hour early to start my day ,alarm clock issues?

I had a busy weekend, Saturday we made the most of the beautiful weather and my husband Todd spent 4 hours digging two foot deep holes to set my hammock posts into , our earth is very rocky so much time was spent hand digging rocks in his way , but there stands a very sturdy set of posts for my hammock , I did make myself stop and enjoy it yesterday , it really was a great weekend to do all the things I haven't had a chance to do , still the list goes on.We spent time together , not saying that was easy our girls can be quite a handful of crazy at times, they are like fire and ice ,I just hope when they are grown they will be friends, we took the girls to see Shrek the Third , it was cute a good end to three days off. Back to real life today , sad , I could use some more time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Floor day 10 , long days

I think that the floor is complete , the finish is sublime, feels good to touch, looks better than I had hoped for it was well worth the leap of faith, first I have never installed a floor never taken on a project that would look so bad if done badly, so it was good, the hole thing was inder $200.00 including brad nailer, if I had done it in a prefinshed wood of a comparable finish as in casual semi distressed look it would have been around$359.00 more plus installation or tool rentals, a difference of at least $310.00 now that was worth it,now I must still finish the trim this long weekend, I will take some completed photos after it is all done, the kids are already using that area as a dance zone, socks or bare feet only.
There's my kid Mason enjoying some peace out on a gloomy day , we just picked up that swing yesterday and had a whole 20 minutes to enjoy it before the skies opened up it furry , but I look forward to many hours probably more like minutes to come as soon as the sun returns.I love hammocks!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's coming along.

Sorry that is has been so long since my last post,Todd stole my really his camera from me for a few days, but he bought me my own pink camera for mother's day , which is wonderful , but I am having some trouble with the program it uses, it isn't as easy as I am used to ..but I will get a hang of it I'm sure.

Here are a few pictures of how the pine floors are coming along, I decided not to distress them they look very good so I thought I would go with it, they should not get too much wear and tear as it is the hall outside the bedrooms, so no shoes not much as far as toys bonking around, we will see , still needs a few top coats but the stain took very well.

We took a trip to Welland which is 15 minutes from Niagara Falls, to visit Todd's mom for mothers day and had some wonderful ribs made by my father in law, yummy. It was a lot of driving for one day but it was a great day spent outside in the sun.

Here is my beloved magnolia tree ,that is what I wanted last mother's day but never did find one,until Friday night at the superstore of all places ,a yellow blossomed small tree , I am so excited to see it grow,it is prominantly in the sunny corner of my backyard a place I have been saving just for such a tree, the close photo is my front yard tree which right now has those blossoms that smell like lilacs then the leaves turn maroon, but sadly it has canker but it still doing ok so I can not bare to chop it down until it is god awful.

Hope all the mothers had a nice day Sunday , I am looking forward to a long weekend, of course I will finish some projects and start some new ones like my hammock supports, a long weekend and a hammock sounds perect to me!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spring has sprung.

My favourite season is spring , has always has been the smells trees all in blossom.The promise of winter past and summer to come, I am enjoying planning for all the changes that I hope to complete in our short warm season.

Sophie is always happy to help me water the garden,and a few days ago I brought out my screen door so simple , I love the slam sound a real wood screen door makes,charming, the no dumping cast iron dog was a christmas gift from a friend and neighbour who knows how upset I get that people let their dogs pee on my boxwoods nearly killing them , so much so that I put up a sign asking people to save them from harm...I took a picture of my newest addition my pyramidial boxwood in my steel planter which I now wish I had bought two of, planters that is , I will have to plant it later but for now it looks sublime in that planter, please excuse the rest of the clutter , I was still working on it all, I am always working on it all, new pavers , more rock garden , new mail basket , new door handle ,new street number sign, the list goes on.
Happy Spring.


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