Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mason's green room makeover

Mason my eight year old has loved purple for as long as I can remember, I am not a big fan of it for girls rooms, it is typically dreary, especially because her room gets only early moring light , I have never liked the result of our joint effort to decorate it, I let her make most of the decisions, it is her room, and I know how much it means to me to have my environment to my liking, so I try to work with the girls on their rooms, so I will show you the bofore and after photos(sorry for the repeat), Mason is really in love with all things frog these days so green is the color she wants , now secret be told I have always wanted that room green, I thought it would brighten it up , and it did, I used CIL farm life it is quite a yellow green , it is very vibrant like my first born child. The curtains remained to her dismay , althought the contrast brought new life to them , and the chandelier got the most wonderful re-do, I am most happy with that , and the circle mirrors I found at Zellers fot $9.00 a piece they sparkle and each one has a view all its own. Enjoy. I should warn you she is a hopelss packrat and clutter bug, its just the way she is , nothing needs to be tossed in her mind and everything is precious.

The boys did play

Recently my husband Todd went on a trip to L.A. and stayed in Burbank where all the big studios are , he works in animation and met with some contacts and friends while he was there , now I can't say I am not a bit jealous that he went without me , I have always wanted to visit , but I am glad he got to go. So here are a few pictures of the boys, Todd and Burt Ward(aka the "Robin") ,and Todd in the Monkees car , and him under the Hollywood sign.

Looked like fun .

Friday, April 27, 2007

Ever evolving ...

I think that "decorating" is a process , you could hire someone to do it for you or do it yourself, but it evolves over time or should , of course we have all seen a room decorated in the 70's that remains to be shrink wrapped from the past , I love listing in the MLS that mentioned "maintained" which means trapped in the past to me , or needs gutting really, green shag and nastly paneling, poor layouts kitchens and bathrooms in desperate need of a wrecking ball. I have always moved every 3 years or so , with a new blank slate to make my own in what ever style or colour I love for the moment , but since we have invested so much in our home and life here I find myself tweeking what we have which is even more fun than I thought making all the improvements that I dream of.I am not fond of builder homes , they come very bland , and going through with all the updates that I would want at the time of purchase would have added $50,000.00 or more,not an option, so I have been slowly improving one step at a time.
My latest improvements are the lights in the kitchen, I found these very affordable fixtures at Home Depot , $50.00 each , of course considering the difficult task that the electrician had trying to put two boxes where there was one and getting them in the location I wanted wow I have so much respect for the trade, I am still waiting on the bill ,but it will be worth it , it looks incredible, where most have a small awkward table I have a huge island ,and my new lights are the icing on the cake.
The photo of the sink is the first improvement we made , I found that Kholer sink for sale in the paper for $100.00 and the faucet on ebay about 5 years ago. I love my huge sink it has 3 bowls , although I would love an apron front sink but one big bowl or two , I don't know maybe.
I have put in the photo of the previous light fixture as well. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pick Me Up

I have always loved flowers , I remember back when Todd and I were living together in a small basement apt in Oakville , where I dreamt of fresh flowers everyweek but could surely not afford such a luxury on such a slim income of a student and me a nanny, and I find myself now being able to afford such a luxury but I rarely ever buy flowers , that makes flowers last on the list , and always skipped.

But I do love the look, so much so that I was my own florist for my wedding bouquets in 1997 , and my in-laws wedding in 2001 .

So when I suggested myself for my sister in law Nat's wedding I thought nothing of it, I am glad to have done it but did not have a clue for what I was in for , 20 tables , the attendants flowers and the bridal bouquet , all done two hours away from my home, so sourcing the flowers was trickier than I had anticipated as the flower market mislead me as to what type of place they were, over priced , over done pre arranged items does not a flower market make, but several hours of driving the niagara region the day before lead me to my favorite source, The Superstore,they are the best deal on roses , and helped me enormously, not to mention the brides pocket book .

Still Todd and I spent that evening stripping the stems of thorns in preparation for the arranging , which dragged on to 2:00am , it was quite an undertaking but I learned why florists charge so much it really needs an army to pull off a wedding, we had hundreds and hundreds of roses.

The first photo was the trial centerpiece, the vases were double vesel and the outside was filled with coffee beans , stunning, and the location overlooking the falls was breath taking, really beautiful day , and time.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Sad Day

I wanted to post about a wedding I did this past summer but could not ignore another gruesome school shooting that dismays me today .How can it be that our children have become sitting ducks for mass murderes. I don't have to send my children to college for another 10 years but the fear is in me , no reason to wonder why that is. What is wrong with our culture? gun control? violent video games?so gruesome the simulated acts of killing being the goal for success in such an addictive world of make believe...dare we wonder?

Freedom of expression is one thing sowing the seed of evil is entirely another , killing is not an art.

There must be an answer to this repeating event, why don't these young men value life of themselves,why is killing their answer , is it for fame in the end, last laugh for the tortured, a release, and evil legacy for others to follow.

Many worry about the "scarey terrorists" what about the ones within.
I should mention I did look for a similar map for Canada and could not find one.

Friday, April 13, 2007

April 13th

Today Sophie decided it was a good day to swing in the backyard , or mud yard.Can we all see why I don't let them play in that mess we call a backyard right.
Mason is posing for her picture with her favorite webkinz, we are on our way to get the girls another depending on what the stores have in stock.
I just had over a landscaper to price out hardscape for the front walkways , he seemed really nice, I have never hsd lanscaping done that I didn't have to do myself. We will see Monday or Tuesday what I want will cost??? of course I chose the most expensive bricks, good taste what a curse.Niceest thing though was he was really impressed with the house and all the work I have done inside, which is his business as well. He said"maybe I will hire you" kidding I'm sure but it was nice to hear. Never know if this all works out maybe he can be my contractor for my own projects and others soon.


When we bought this house I picked white tile , a faux limestone counter , that was about 5 years ago , of course since then tile has come so far , and I dream of beautiful tile all over the walls in my bathroom, white subway tile and a border of grey mini subway mosaics . I think it is time to stock pile boxes of tile weekly so that I can start this project, I love tiling, with the exception of tiling ceiling which is physical torture. Our shower ceiling was becoming stained from moisture and my messy husband , so I finally took on the task of tiling it , I love the result but boy was that a workout.I am very fortunate to live in an area where all the sources that Sarah Richardson uses are about a 30 minute drive for me.
Since we have lived in our home I have painted my vanity twice , first a grey now a fresh white and the glass knobs from LeeValley tools , are identical to Restoration Hardware but a fraction of the cost.Chandelier went up on day one of the move in.I think beadboard would look great on the ceiling , some day.
Next on the list for this room is tile, counter , sink, an a plasma built into the wall so I can bathe and watch my fave shows.
The sink at the top is my dream sink for my powder room , but I think all together excluding faucet it would be around $1000. 00 thats a bit much , but maybe.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Window seat

This is my window seat , ok no one but the dog sits on it, it doesn't have a cushion for that reason , it was just a drywall ledge so I built it a few inches deeper but it wouldn't be somewhere I would want to sit for any time,but I still love it, I love to "have" a window seat , we always find Dolce there when we leave with his sad sad eyes wanting to be with us. There are many things this house does not have, like a laundry room on the main floor , or a spare bedroom, nor a double driveway and garage,or 9 foot ceilings ( which I wish we had just done now , but because of the 15 ft ceiling in the front room , I felt it would be a rip off to make two room 1 ft taller for $5000. but I would pay it now.) no other house has that view from upstairs , that lofty feeling that it has when you spend time in that room , like their is no ceiling at all, and the views of the moon some nights and lightening storms are quite beautiful from the upper windows, and the way the sun floods through the windows at about 4:oo most days , wouldn't give it up ,right now anyway.
Of course the cheap builder trim is on the spring list of things to re-do, I suppose I will need to get a very sturdy ladder and a nail gun, off to Home Depot....

Favorite thing

Linda has inspired me to post a few of my favorite things. I love eiffel towers have for about 6 years , well before you could pick them up any where ,my most recent was purchased at Christmas it is the most perfect wire example,it is about 3 ft tall , and I just love it completes my collection.

My chandelier that we picked up on Queen street in Toronto , on my 30th birthday , the day I got my tattoo.It was in a junk shop and we got it for way less than was asked for it, of course when I light the candles it usually sets off the smoke alarm but that is irrelevant , I put up sconces to fix the lighting issue.

My most prized possesion is my hooked rug in my kitchen , I fell in love with it , see I hate the tile on my floor , but the task of ripping that out has encouraged me to work with it, I covered 80% of it with a huge island and as much as I could with this pretty rug.The one good thing is it never looks dirty.

Oh and my lamps , the stripes I love them , they have a seaside look to me, my husband hates them but I love them so they go no where.

I tire of things very quickly , but these are all things that have stood the test of time. 4 years being the longest I have stayed in one home , I am constantly tweaking things and redecorating, but there still so much to do , the powder room needs beadboard and new sink & faucet .But I look forward to those things , I live for it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sophie's Room

This is probably my favorite room in the house , the bed is the one my sister and I shared when I was three and I have always been fond of it, in the pale green it is adorable, the room was sweet in the pale pink when Sophie was under the age of two but since her favorite color is orange my compromise was the orange and hot pink stripes , it is so cheery, I can not imagine an all orange wall in my home, I dislike it in decorating, but paired with pink it has such life, I am a bit of a stripe addict too.My husband made the bed valance.

Of course since I am doing over mason's room , Sophie too wants an update, but I am having none of it , its probably been only a year since I painted and got the new curtains.So for now it stays, the only change will be floors , at some point.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My "mudroom"

Ok , it's not a mudroom persay , but its all I have , I have considered building one onto the back of my house but my suburban lot does not allow for a rear entry of that kind , it would lead to a rediculous trek through a narrow walkway to the back door of the kitchen, and considering on any given day I have between 3 and five extra children and all of their outerwear in addition to my own family of four, a 4 foot wide closet at the front door would not even come close to supporting the loot, so after adding recessed panel moulding around the main floor I put up some hooks and recently for christmas on behalf of my husband , or so I told myself, the perfect cupboard to hold mitts in winter and flipflops and skipping ropes in the warmer months as well as hubby's wallet and shades. .If only I knew when to switch it over, the weather can't seem to decide either. Although it is often covered in little girls coats I think it is a pretty and practical entry to a suburban house.However I still dream of a huge laundry/mudroom, with lots of tile and panelling. But that space is planned for the basement maybe next year.

Friday, April 6, 2007

October Road

October Road ...Now I have to mention this new show on ABC Thursday night after Grey's Anatomy, it is a wonderful show about going back home , wonderful cast , and it not only touches on multiple characters with peanut/nut allergies but it is a running theme throughout the show, Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec are two writers on the show,thank you you for shedding light on this issue, I applaud them on this new show , well done . My husband and I were hooked from the first episode, we now have it set up in our PVR , it will be a long wait, two weeks until the next episode, but I can't wait. Only 6 episodes have been ordered I sure hope it gets renewed for next season. WATCH WATCH WATCH!

Thursday, April 5, 2007


I was in the past a baker , custom cakes , I enjoyed it , but when I moved my baking service died, the constantly sticky and gritty surfaces in my kitchen was enough to drive the clean freak in me mad.I still enjoy a beautiful cupcake, much less to go wrong and so simple, today's batch is for one of my daycare kids Faith is turning 2 over the easter weekend , and some cuppies seem fitting..

today 's are the blue , the others were for a bake sale at school.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sophie my baby girl

Now what can I say , I adore this kid, she sure knows how to push my buttons and make me melt, I see her as more fragile than perhaps most , I feel like all our time together is so precious, I feel like she can be taken away without notice, of course this is true of any child , but because Sophie is allergic to peanuts I alway feel impending doom, we have been lucky so far, I am very cautious of course with everything she puts in her mouth .This past weekend Sophie was a guest at two birthday parties , she was the only one who couldn't enjoy a piece of cake, the just in case , they didn't "have" nuts but no one can tell us if there has been cross contamination, poor kid she hates to be pointed out in any way ,really ever, thankfully she knows the seriousness of her allergy and it is nothing to play with , what a burden for such a little girl. But I have faith there will be a cure or a treatment .So until then I go on ,scanning every new place , every environment for danger, there behind the glass of the office at swimming class sits a bag of reeses balls, wondering did her swim coach wash properly, on the handle of the water fountain I wipe with vigor, letting the servers know everywhere we eat, yet by the end of a meal they usually forget .

I can't complain it is just what we need to do , like seatbelts , like helmets, but unlike those that are obvious to all , we have to protect her from an invisable or hidden danger most times , but boy am I glad we are dealing with this now and not 10 years ago , people are much more aware of this issue of concern.

I am lucky to be her Mom.

You would never guess that 5 minutes before this picture was taken that I had given her accidentally what I thought was lotion but was soap , I had put it on my hands and feet myself and never thought it was anything other that lotion, when she started to cry her eyes hurt I took a closer look "hand wash". OOps! Sorry Sophie. Another dumb mom moment brought to you by Chris.But isn't she sweet.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Here is a sample of my recessed panelling that I am addind to my main floor , I made the mistake of starting with the stairs , angles made it hell to do but it turned out fantastic, it makes it look, to me, like an older home , the paint it a brown gray , and all my other trim work is a crisp white.I have a little bit more to do to complete the main floor that will be done this spring, maybe my easter project.
I should apologize for how rough those photos are they were before touch ups.

This is my island , probably the largest interior accomplishment, beside is the "command central" which my husband built comprised of an antique table legs and part of an old hutch and buffet that he tore apart and reworked, there have been quite a few tweeks since this photo was taken , I need to take new photos.

Since I have no attention span I tidied up and took some new photos of my great room.