Thursday, December 20, 2007

What have I been up to

It occurred to me that the Epi pen that my little one wears to school during recess could reach very low temperatures damaging the very precious life saving drug , we hope she will not need, and is too expensive to unnecessarily replace before the expiry.
So I searched out some Thinsulate, at my local fabric store, and Sophie picked out this soft polar fleece and I whipped up a little muff for her Epi Belt in time for tomorrow's recesses.

I have been baking my famous sugar cookies, I made these type cookies for my wedding favour over 10 years ago , the recipe is tried and true, a Martha Stewart classic, with royal icing.
this is the recipe I use but mine is double , that will make 26 orso of medium sized cookies. These are part if the teacher's gifts , I will put them in Chinese take away boxes from Michael's , I love those. I just need to watch my husband doesn't sneak any while the icing dries for 12 hours, he is weak around these cookies.
I realize my dog looks certifiable , I suppose he wasn't thrilled with his Christmas outfit, but I love it , he has such a shrunken head and the hoodie fit so well, he keeps losing his air , all over , he has bald spots on his head and his tummy is pretty hairless, he hates our Canadian winters.
I have a large on order for his younger yet much bigger brother, Boston Terrier sweat hoodies, Oh so cute.
I sure hope it passes the Sophie test.


Heidi said...

Wow, I love it all...the epi pen muff, those cookies, and Dolce looks adorable!

I haven't done a speck of Christmas baking. If I could only put the knitting needles down.

homedaisy said...

clever! and please tell is where to find that sugar cookie recipe - yum!!

Stephanie said...

Your cookies are beautiful! What a thoughtful gift. I love the take-out boxes, too!

Shannon said...

cute cookies! I love how bright and cheery they are!

Hey, I'm doing a stop by and enter!

Cote de Texas said...

Hi - just wanted to let you know that in the Jan issue of BHG - there is a kitchen with a chalkboard on the side of the refrig - almost exactly like yours!! You did yours first though - go check it out. Love your blog!


restyled home said...

I love all that you have been up to. You are such a good mum and very conscientious when it comes to caring for your sweet girls.

Must try that sugar cookie recipe. Mine is good, but yours look better!

Take care,

Jenny said...

All are great, I am truly impressed with the Epi pen muff. May I buy one from you (seriously!) We live in Illinois and gosh, I just cannot make such things....

chriskauf said...

We have been dealing with peanut allergy for over four and a half years, its a way of life, its do-able, and you will make mistakes , forgive yourself in advance , we can not be flawless. I would love to make one for you , what color would you like ?
Email me we can talk more there.

homedaisy said...

oh, there is a link to the cookie recipe...missed that! thank you :)