Thursday, October 11, 2007

Life takes twist and turns

You know life takes twists and turns, we all at some point develop a picture of how we would like the future to unfold, but as we quickly learn life doesn't always follow the plan, things change people change, twists of fate.
I know I will not truly feel fulfilled until I can help people to transform their homes into an oasis of perfection , to each person that will be different, but I do believe you should always make your house a home, and I believe that transformation starts with creating a beautiful space, regardless of budget.
I have put that dream on hold to be available to my two girls , they were more important than my career fulfillment, I knew that could surely wait, however I still indulge in decorating my homes and extensively my current home, and if I never became so privileged to decorate for clients , it would always be my hobby, but if we are lucky life is long and I will continue to pursue that dream.

However I was thrown a wrench just over 4 years ago , when Sophie was diagnosed with an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts, I searched for a support group right away , a community to find a common ground, now many people are sympathetic, and make efforts, but I know there is a group of pissed off parents that feels their child is entitled to eat PB at any old time. We need the support of a group , that shares the desperate need to protect their children from a silent danger.
So what this diagnosis meant to me was a change in plans, I had always planned to start my career this September, however I still need to get through this year dealing with the concerns that having Sophie in a school full time, I need to be here IF anything should go wrong, not a broken bone , or stitches, those concerns are so minor to me, obviously, so needless to say I am here when I am needed.
I spoke with a woman, one of the founders of Ananphylaxis Canada this morning, regarding my concerns about the local bakery claiming peanut free products, she mentioned this area needs a support group, I know, we do , I have wanted to start one , and now I will, they will help me with information on how to start and run a support group, I just needed that push, so off I go.
I am really excited to begin, to meet other parents like myself and to help raise awareness, and to be there to offer advice and to compile the best information on anaphylaxis.
Wow a new chapter unfolds.


Heidi said...

i'm proud of you chris!!

Stephanie said...

Best wishes as you embark upon a new path. I know that you will be successful at whatever you do.

Meredith said...

I wish you much luck... I'm sure you will be a shining star to others in the same situation that you are in.

restyled home said...

Good for you! You are such a devoted who is smart enough to know that our children must be the priority. Yes, we mothers need to take some time for ourselves, but ultimately, our kids needs have to come first. They nedd attention, education, stimulation and love. You demonstrate your utter devotion by delaying the start of your business and making others aware of this important allergy issue. Education of other children and parents will do more to protect little Sophie than just keeping your own environment "peanut free". You will make a big mark in this regard, I just know it. You are passionate about it, of course, but you are also helping protect other children as well. I am proud of you...

Like you said, there will be ample time to put your decorating talents to work. You are a natural decorator with so much talent that some others in the field could only dream of having. Everything will come together when the time is right, but most importantly, you will have the pride in knowing that you are doing good, not just for your daughter, but for other's children as well.

All the best,

Terri said...

Chris, your post is so touching. I hear what you are saying on so many levels. I think many of us wish our life could follow The Plan, but other things come up that are more necessary. Your talents at home decor are evident and your DIY spirit is motivational and impressive! Even if you don't get any awards, keep doing what you are doing, keep learning, keep building, keep taking pictures of your work and putting the words and ideas out there that you want to do this work for a living, or at least as a serious "hobby". You are lucky you've found your niche. I read a quote once that said to be thankful for all the things that if you didn't have them, you would want! i know you are thankful for everything in your life, but just so you know, you have a life that I wish for. i would love to have a husband and two girls at your age and that beautiful house, and being able to be home in the day to do things around the house, a list of a million things that I never have time to get to! I am so late getting to that point in my life...and you are so fortunate too that you have found something you love. I had to choose a career that wasn't frivolous and was practical and would pay the bills. I didn't have the luxury to become a decorator because I came from a working class home and needed to do something practical and be independent. It isn't much fun doing a job you dislike every day, and having no one to support you when you decide to change career paths. One ends up stuck! So, you have so much that you are a natural at, that I admire. You know who you are. I hope you have a loving hubby who appreciates you. Your girls are gorgeous and I bet they are bright and confident and so happy having an amazing mom like you! The universe is yours...while you are waiting and being patient, study and learn everything you can, and get more and more experience in your tool box. I just know when your girls are older, you will be able to follow your dreams, and with being so close to TO, there is a world of design to inspire you. And on the subject of peanuts, if my child didn't have an allergy, I would be so supportive of you, and would explain to my child that this is life-threatening for other kids and to take it very, very seriously and that is why they are not allowed taking nuts to school. it is just so obvious, to respect the LIFE of others, when an allergy like that isn't their choice! Good luck with your support group. Your love for your girl shines through. You will be awesome. Keep us posted on the contest too!

Terri said...

Chris, me again! I re-read my post and it didn't come out like I meant about the decorator thing. I don't think being a decorator is frivolous or silly - I wouldn't have a blog about it if it weren't the most inspiring thing in my life! What I meant was that you are fortunate that you may have an opportunity, when your girls are older, to embark on that career that I denied myself because, at the time, at 18, I couldn't see a way of making a living at it. And I can't do it now because I need to support myself financially, and can't just drop my career to do to design school (I guess I could, but it is more complicated, unlike what Oprah would have us believe!). I guess what i was saying is that you are lucky you know what you love and even have it as a possibility that you can do it. I can only dream about it! But you can DO IT! I am sooo cheering for you!

chriskauf said...

Keep in mind that I have been doing childcare for 17 years, not anyones dream job either, but I do feel priveleged to help families raise their children,it is an honour to be trusted , and has allowed me to be home with them for their impressioonable years, at times I questioned if that was always the right choice, but if you asked them it was and is.
Thank you for oyu allergy support , it means a lot to the cause of safety if more people are aware and enlightened, I must go but please email me, you can find it at CK interiors link.