Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lights for thought

So here I find myself offering up some nice pics from for my sisters new house, which in her words needs lighting updating. I think any little girl would love this cream light fixture , with simple basic white lamp shades covered with trim and fantastic fabric,the square which can be mounted flush or hanging from the chain , makes a wonderful entry light or mounted flush lovely for a kitchen, the leafy one is very natural, myself , its too much , but spray painted in one tone would simplify it and show off the cut work of the metal, and shades of course, wicker or heavy linen, the other with the dripping glass beads, is so pretty and simple, beautiful for a bedroom, dining room, entry ,you name it its great.


Shannon said...

oooh, I really like the second one from the top!

restyled home said...

They are all pretty. Home Depot has lots of beautiful lights, but I think my friend and I found the prettiest one of all for her room. It is an all crystal chandelier (why did that stupid song just pop into my head?) that even has "glass" arms. So beautiful. It is hanging in her now renovated bedroom and she loves just laying on her bed admiring it. Nothing like a good light...!!