Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My dining room

I just realized I do not include my dining room ever I realized I don't really like my dining room as a whole , I love the table, which was honey pine when I got it , but knew it would be better painted cream and I love it, I like the chairs they are solid but I hate honey pine, I have painted two but 4 still need to be done, I promised myself I would do them while the weather is warm, I should stick to that , I love the candelabra , I also enjoy the sconces which due to lack of hard wiring I needed to adapt with new wiring and copper tubing to hide their plugs,as it would have cost me 4-5 hundred dollars to add the wiring at this time.
I think the biggest dislike is the view, the side of my house butts up to two backyards, ugly pressure treated fences and the shabbyest of gardens, no offence to the avid gardener but it is no garden of Eden, after 4 years of just drapes and no blinds, I sprung for the blinds although it doesn't completely obscure my unfavourable view it is a bit better.I am still not so happy with it , I guess I will keep working on it.

I just added the console type table I'm not so sure about that either, I also added the recessed panelling which I love, I think I need to find a room I love and find out what mine is lacking.


restyled home said...

I hear you...I, too, dislike my dining area (although I can't see anything wrong with yours). I despise my table and chairs, they're just not me... and overall it is just lacking that "je ne sais quoi??" ( how'd you like that bit of french??) Oh well, I guess you and I have another thing in common...one more decorating job for the fall!!
Hope you're enjoying your special little visitor!!


Tonya said...

love your style...yourt blog is so much fun to look over!

Aimee said...

I love your wall color and chandalier...and the mouldings. Looks very comfy but tasteful!

Liz said...

I think on the whole your dining room is great, but I'm with you on the honey pine thing. I love the canddelabra and the photos on the wall.

On my page I have a link to cottage bethy... you should check out her archives. She has a dining room I think you'll love. Actually, her style is very similar to your house.

onelittlemustardseed said...

Love your diningroom! We plan to put in panelling in our diningroom, but up high, I am aiming for a craftsman style though light and airy...


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