Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Home design tips you can use.

This post is growing today , I just thought of a couple more great things i have used and or discovered as useful over the years, like scrunchie's not the hair ones, but cord covers, a little fabric goes a long way , I don't like chains on light fixture so I have adapted by creating these cord covers.

I made this kitchen island which is huge and wonderful, because I love islands and desperately needed extra storage, it holds loads of things, I picked up these premade doors in the Ikea as is department for a steal, added my own hardware , however I like the glass and its reflective quality but I did not want to see the mess, tried fabric curtains with tension rods, but there was not ample space for that , so I frosted the glass , which was ok ,but I wanted to block out the shadows too, so recently found tremclad in a beautiful blue, matched perfectly, and painted the back side and perfection, just another good tip I though.

I must admit I am at a loss as to what to post about, however , I do have a nice tip , for anyone who likes a bed with a shabby chic flavour, lots of layers , at Pottery Barn kids found a lovely bedskirt for my daughters bed on clearance, or so I thought ,because when I got it home it wouldn't work as she doesn't have a box spring , but it worked in my favour, because I simply layered it over the one I already had , because it was a double it gave the perfect layered effect, I love it , so that is my little tip.

As you will notice all of my fabrics are a variety, I do not do matchy matchy, the stripe then a smaller scale floral and larger scale floral, it doesn't need to be a set and to me it should never be a bed in a bag , that is so generic, and bland, not cataloque beds here, mix it up.Have some fun.

Right now I have crisp white sheets , but usually I have hot pink sheets that tie in the pink flowers from the bedskirt. Lots of fun.


terri said...

Thanks for the suggestion - a neat idea and pretty too, with the double ruffle. I like your shams and cover - in fact, just this weekend I bought a set of "vintage" style sheets at Home Outfitters with what looks like a very similar pattern. They remind me of sheets from my grandmother and mom's house, the high thread count ones that we had forever that got smooth as silk with age. I still have some..

I posted something today that I've been meaning to for a while about "My Style" (which is a big topic, as for anyone, I think), but before that was at a total loss for subject matter.

So many subjects, but really what to say? Sometimes we just have to learn to relax and blog about nothing special...

Becca said...

I have always loved double ruffles on beds but just never knew how to achieve the look! Now I know! It's brilliant!

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day! Can't wait to read more of yours!

restyled home said...

Hi Chris,
I love your pretty bed and the layered effect. Do you change it with the seasons? I have four quilts and I like to alter the look of my bed now and again, especially with the seasons.

Do you make those scrunchies yourself? Cute!!

We finally have some hot weather. We've been enjoying the pool!!


chriskauf said...

Hi Linda,
I change pillows and sheets but the comforter has been the same for quite a while too long, so when I found the current one with the crisp cotton and ruffle,it was perfect for summer, I hope to get something different for winter, I change bedding as I get bored of it. I also have a velvet coverlet that I like to fold down to the end of the bed, but is too heavy for real use.
Glad your weather is improving and you can use that new pool.