Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time well spent...

I have been enjoying my new camera an I have some nice outdoor things to capture right now, i am drinking in as much outdoor time and fresh air and sunshine as I can.


restyled home said...

Oh Chris, this is all so beautiful. Your playhouse sent pangs to my heart...you know my desperation about getting Sophie one! Funny, I was telling my husband Paul about you last night and how handy and creative you are and again expressing my NEED to get that playhouse started! He is so busy with work, his new business, and building the pool deck. I shouldn't even have brought it up! He said when the deck is done, we'll see what puny amount of yard we have left to build it. ( I just printed off your playhouse to show him...subtle reminders)...By the way, where did you get those great adirondack chairs? Are they plastic or wood? Your yard looks amazing!! I'm gushing I know!!!

chriskauf said...

The playhouse is a nice addition, painted crisp white has given it a new life.
The chairs are from home depot and the are plastic, they stack too, I like them very much , I have had wooden ones in the past, I like these better, they too sell at Home Hardware, I would love the pinky salmon colour too,maybe?
I was telling Heidi we will be putting a large cirle patio of concrete in the centre of the yard for our fire pit to be encircled by lots of adirondack chairs, which will eventually be tiled with random slate and still to come the cabana , you can see how it would just fit in.

Heidi said...

LOVE your pictures, they look great!!! Everything looks so cheerful.


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