Thursday, April 12, 2007

Window seat

This is my window seat , ok no one but the dog sits on it, it doesn't have a cushion for that reason , it was just a drywall ledge so I built it a few inches deeper but it wouldn't be somewhere I would want to sit for any time,but I still love it, I love to "have" a window seat , we always find Dolce there when we leave with his sad sad eyes wanting to be with us. There are many things this house does not have, like a laundry room on the main floor , or a spare bedroom, nor a double driveway and garage,or 9 foot ceilings ( which I wish we had just done now , but because of the 15 ft ceiling in the front room , I felt it would be a rip off to make two room 1 ft taller for $5000. but I would pay it now.) no other house has that view from upstairs , that lofty feeling that it has when you spend time in that room , like their is no ceiling at all, and the views of the moon some nights and lightening storms are quite beautiful from the upper windows, and the way the sun floods through the windows at about 4:oo most days , wouldn't give it up ,right now anyway.
Of course the cheap builder trim is on the spring list of things to re-do, I suppose I will need to get a very sturdy ladder and a nail gun, off to Home Depot....


Heidi said...

I LOVE your front room, I always have. Jon used to think that rooms like that wasted space but now he agrees that it can give a feeling that is valuable in and of itself. It's a feel good room!!

chriskauf said...

I used to feel that way too, but we do use that room, when the kids are watching their most annoying shows in the evening and I have been stuck in the family room all day due to my job , I don't know what I would do if I didn't have somewhere else to go, and all I hear from those that have only a great room is that there is no where else to be , bedroom or great room? I am glad to have two sitting rooms to decorate.
I tired to make the dining rm into an office with a chaise but Todd thought that was too many rooms to sit in??