Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sophie's Room

This is probably my favorite room in the house , the bed is the one my sister and I shared when I was three and I have always been fond of it, in the pale green it is adorable, the room was sweet in the pale pink when Sophie was under the age of two but since her favorite color is orange my compromise was the orange and hot pink stripes , it is so cheery, I can not imagine an all orange wall in my home, I dislike it in decorating, but paired with pink it has such life, I am a bit of a stripe addict too.My husband made the bed valance.

Of course since I am doing over mason's room , Sophie too wants an update, but I am having none of it , its probably been only a year since I painted and got the new curtains.So for now it stays, the only change will be floors , at some point.


Heidi said...

Who wouldn't want to wake up in a room like that!

groovyinclinations said...

Exactly! I think this is fantastic! I think I must be a loozer....oh, my daughter's room is just flat sad!!

chriskauf said...

AH your both so kind, if it wasn't mean to my husband my room would look more like Sophie's .I am sure glad to have girls.

Linda MacDonald CSP(tm) said...

I love this room! I will post my Sophie's room soon. I am feeling like changing it soon, but decided she is going to wake up someday and say, "Mum, I really want to redo my room!" So I have decided to wait. I am quite interested to see what she will want and what her tastes will be. There was the most amazing lamp a while back that I loved at Winners/Homesense. It was pink and orange horizontal stripes on a drum shade. That was what got me thinking about changing you are way ahead of the stores with your colour scheme. You should see if you have it at your Winners. It was INCREDIBLE and I still think about it. One of those purchases I should have made!!

chriskauf said...

I am right now trying to help Mason who is 8 , and in love with frogs , who wants an all green room , and she suggested dirty green at the bottom ortion for swamp water, be careful whay you wish for, thankfully her dad is ab artist and will help with a really graphic desing that will make her happy and will be pleasing to all who see it, so far we need a new bed and lots of paint and a dresser the list goes on.


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