Friday, April 6, 2007

October Road

October Road ...Now I have to mention this new show on ABC Thursday night after Grey's Anatomy, it is a wonderful show about going back home , wonderful cast , and it not only touches on multiple characters with peanut/nut allergies but it is a running theme throughout the show, Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec are two writers on the show,thank you you for shedding light on this issue, I applaud them on this new show , well done . My husband and I were hooked from the first episode, we now have it set up in our PVR , it will be a long wait, two weeks until the next episode, but I can't wait. Only 6 episodes have been ordered I sure hope it gets renewed for next season. WATCH WATCH WATCH!


Linda MacDonald CSP(tm) said...

I wonder why peanut allergies are so prevalent today? Two of my best friends have children with severe peanut allergies. I sorta feel like an expert by association. We are extremely conscious about using peanut products and avoid them completely when our friends come to call. I read, a few years back, that they think there may be an association between the allergy and the use of steroid creams to treat eczema in babies. Both my friends' kids had eczema as babies (and still do) so I wonder if this is true. Apparently there used to be a component of the cream that contained some sort of nut product or trigger?! Have you heard this? Eczema does seem to plague a lot of kids with nut allergies. Just a's the nurse in me(my former career). On a different note, I have been faithfully blogging about decorating (my sister's the deep one -ha ha). Check it out!

chriskauf said...

Seems everyone knowssomeone with a peanut allergy, both of my kids had exzema, only one has the allergy ,I never used cotizone on Sophie ever, I am very opposed to it, I believe this reason is a genetic one, my husband is adopted but since knowing his half sister the mystery is no more , she too has really bad food allergies, I believe that with genetic engineering food is the culprit, I think they messed with the peanuts.

Linda MacDonald CSP(tm) said...

Another thought, there is a food allergy awareness society here that had a great idea to alert people of allergies to peanuts (and other foods). You know those rubber bracelets everyone wears for different causes? They are thinking of designing and distributing them to allergic kids to wear and they will have a large alert of some sort on them to point out the particular allergy. They feel they are less expensive to distribute than medic-alert bracelets and maybe more visible?
By the way, your Sophie is so cute! I'll post a pic of my girl soon.(the boys aren't half bad either!!!)

chriskauf said...

The Anaphylaxis Canada organization has those bracelets currently, I believe that medic alert is providing bracelets free of charge to children under the age of 14 ,it is through the schools here .But the rubber ones like the cancer ones do exist and are available on the anaphylaxis website , I think there should be a symbol to alert people pf food allergies, there are lots of t-shirts but what kid wants to point out "I'm different", it must be tough.


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