Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My "mudroom"

Ok , it's not a mudroom persay , but its all I have , I have considered building one onto the back of my house but my suburban lot does not allow for a rear entry of that kind , it would lead to a rediculous trek through a narrow walkway to the back door of the kitchen, and considering on any given day I have between 3 and five extra children and all of their outerwear in addition to my own family of four, a 4 foot wide closet at the front door would not even come close to supporting the loot, so after adding recessed panel moulding around the main floor I put up some hooks and recently for christmas on behalf of my husband , or so I told myself, the perfect cupboard to hold mitts in winter and flipflops and skipping ropes in the warmer months as well as hubby's wallet and shades. .If only I knew when to switch it over, the weather can't seem to decide either. Although it is often covered in little girls coats I think it is a pretty and practical entry to a suburban house.However I still dream of a huge laundry/mudroom, with lots of tile and panelling. But that space is planned for the basement maybe next year.


Linda MacDonald CSP(tm) said...

Love your mudroom! Where did you get that "dog" hook? It's sooo good! I did a blog on my mudroom today as well. I find most of my clients are really into carving out a great mudroom space for themselves. Yours is a great example of doing just that without having an actual room set aside. What has my sister gotten me into? I'm getting addicted to blogging!! This from a total non-techie!

chriskauf said...

Your mudroom post is was made me put up my example.
I keep putting up all my fave links and websites , potterybarn kids , I saw on yours, I was just there today , I am in the planning stages of redecorating my older daughters room, and of course I looked at pottery barn kids and pbteen for great ideas.
Wow we really do have a lot in common.

onelittlemustardseed said...

Well, I just spit out my coffee laughing...I had just finished reading Linda's blog, clicked over from her link to your site and then I burst out laughing....you to are like peas in a pod!

Chris, I really hope you get down to SJ soon...we can all plan a eat, drink and be merry fest culminating in shopping trips to all the fun stores...

Your mudroom is beautiful and I admire how you carved out such a workable space!

chriskauf said...

Linda I just realized I didn't tell you where I got that dog hook, like most of my things I found it at home sense.It is cast iron. And was dirt cheap.


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