Sunday, April 1, 2007

My house

In my mind my house is a house just up the beach , in the Hamptons of course , my neighbours are of course Kelly Ripa and her oh so dreamy husband Mark Consuelos, he he he! in my dreams, but I do love all the classic beach wealthy look, carpentry and style, like in "Somethings Gotta Give" don't you just love that house?

O in reality I live in a suburb and have a slighly more special that typical mass builder house ,squished up to another but inside I am on a mission to transform it into a charming house with classic mouldings and casual elements.

And yes I built that fence with my own hands, I love it when people assume my husband built it ,I have a bunch to do out front , but one thing at a time.


Heidi said...

Your house is so unbelieveable pretty, you've made it into a work of art. Please indulge the blogging world with more pics of the interior, it's a pleasure to look at!

chriskauf said...

Oh I plan on it , more pictures to come.